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Show Us Your Gorilla Renders!


I played around with the gorilla and Garibaldy hair in DS, I feel its a bit too thick so I'll probably give it another go over the weekend.

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
WOW, now THAT's hair. :D Nice tparo, and I agree, just a bit too thick.


HW3D Exclusive Artist
WooHoo Tparo!! Looks great! But yeah I do bet it would be even better a little shorter/less thick. Great work!


HW3D Exclusive Artist
Beautiful, Lyne!! Glad you got the Gorilla working for you!


Awesome! Is the fur hard to deal with? And did you have any trouble getting the Gorilla into Carrara?

No trouble getting the gorilla loaded... trouble with texturing though.. it all had to be done manually as the textures wouldn't apply..

I also haven't got the bump maps to work very good as the displacement isn't being very helpful either :-(

as with the fur that was just a quick application with around 150,000 hairs and a quick brush, with more time spent on it ( rather than 5 minutes ) it would look awesome I reckon.

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
I wish I had the nerve (and patience) to try the hair room in Poser, but I suspect it would kill what little is left of my brain cells. ~LOL~


HW3D President
Staff member
Stezza, wow! WOW!!! This is awesome. I love this one. He's such a Bad A!


HW Honey Bear
I didn't even know Carrera had hair, or rather a way to apply it! Interesting and works very well!

Thanks for the compliments on my"guerrilla paradise" it will be a lot easier now that I know, or rather have the fix for the gorilla coat in poser .


The new Gorilla is unbelievably realistic! WOW!

What a fun & amazing creation!

Here are the HiveWire products I used in this scene:
HiveWire Gorilla for Dusk by CG Cubed, Christopher Creek Art, & Virtual World

SBRM Africa (Black Headed Weaver) by Ken Gilliland

Grasses & Flowers with Jungle Mist by Lisa's Botanicals
Tropicals by Lisa's Botanicals

Jungle Magic