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Show Us Your Gorilla Renders!


I used my own Freebie background and messed around with MY version of a baby gorilla... (till Chris's comes out)... I also learned a lot more on how to prevent that poser render 'halo effect' on the fur when Rendering the gorilla's by themselves...but can't type much right now... I LEARNED more in the poser material room and the color of the dynamic HAIRS... one can effect those! :) ok...I gray-shaded down the alternate diffuse of EVERY hair part! eeep!
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It's hard working with black on black... not sure I am happy with this one yet... so this is the only 'on line' version for now...
great render, love the colors!


Busy Bee
Title: Baby
Baby 101z.jpg

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Now THAT is cute! I doubt I would've thought to use a "baby" gorilla in a scene. :)