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Show Us Your Gorilla Renders!


Hey Me, are you using Snarly's EZSkin 3 in Poser 11? It really makes things easier for rendering character skins with SuperFly. You don't need it for FireFly.
Yes I use EZSkin 3 quite a bit in Poser 11. In this particular render I was using a cycles shader for Dusk's skin that I made along with one I made for the bomber jacket. This was the render that taught me I needed EZDome. You're right you don't need EZSkin 3 for Fire Fly. Coincidentally it Was EZSkin 2 that taught me how to make good looking skin in Fire Fly. The more I learn about both render engines the more I begin to understand both Snarly and BagginsBill's genius.


Thank you I appreciate that. I could have sworn I replied when I liked your comment. I must have typed it out then clicked away without hitting post reply. Hmmm.... maybe no one will notice.
It is called the "eithernet" It is an alternative universe I read your message there as I recall....lol

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Here's a glimpse of a character I have been kitbashing for a while now = a Great and Monstrous ape. Still have work to do on him yet. Cross Posting here and in the Ruckus thread as he uses Ruckus and Gorilla morphs.


The new Gorilla is unbelievably realistic! WOW!

What a fun & amazing creation!

Here are the HiveWire products I used in this scene:
HiveWire Gorilla for Dusk by CG Cubed, Christopher Creek Art, & Virtual World

SBRM Africa (Black Headed Weaver) by Ken Gilliland

Grasses & Flowers with Jungle Mist by Lisa's Botanicals
Tropicals by Lisa's Botanicals

Jungle Magic
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He is getting the right idea, all intelligence flows from birds...Fun render