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  1. Baby


  2. The Red Shirt

    The Red Shirt

    Its always the Red Shirt that gets it. Ruckus with Gorilla texture and Warewolf morph.
  3. Big Foot

    Big Foot

  4. Dancing Up A Ruckus

    Dancing Up A Ruckus

    50 % Ruckus, 50% Gorilla and a Freestyle pose, he wants his bud to dance!
  5. Ruckus And Bud

    Ruckus And Bud

    Ruckus and Gorilla mixed at 100 % with Gorilla head turned down to -89% Ready to Rumble!
  6. Unexpected Dinner Guests

    Unexpected Dinner Guests

    This is Dusk standard size with Roderigo skin, Ruckus with Taka Skin and Ruckus with the Giant 2 Morph and Axel skin. With the HW Gorilla and HW Big Cat making a cameo appearance in the background. What do you feed them, when folks this size show up unexpected for dinner?
  7. MolarIslandGorilla2


  8. Tarzan


  9. Jungle Friends

    Jungle Friends

  10. jonrea

    Jonrea's product thread

    Along with NapalmArsenal I'm proud to say our Call of the Wild poses is now released. Call of the Wild Poses for Dusk will give your characters an unmatched jungle presence. They are perfect for many different render settings, whether your character likes to swing from the trees, stalk...
  11. Tiny

    Tiny's products at HiveWire 3D

    It has arrived! The Poser fur for the HiveWire gorilla for Dusk. Thanks to great modelling, rigging and texturing the fur looks really good. You find it HERE.
  12. GorillaParadise


    Gorilla & my Nickie with Ken's African bird: Purple-crested Turaco!
  13. Spaceship Commander

    Spaceship Commander

    DAZ Studio 4.9 / Iray Clothing Eagle Force for Dusk by Midnight_stories
  14. Friends


    The new HiveWire Gorilla and my Clouded Leopard