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Show Us Your Dusk Renders, And Now The New Dusk SE!!


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Soo good Lyne. I love it.

Yes, amazing what dials can do. What they're supposed to do, right?


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Eremm............. Just because ........... May the 4th be with you!!

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The very look of Nobility... working on my DuskSE King Centaur... SAV's Electra hair for M4 (still working on the fit!) with OOT Crown
(the MR diamond material I worked out - just for personal use) and DuskSE (with Minyassa's soul eyes)..I used Ken1171's Adventure Vest - with one of parrotdolphin's medieval materials-
but turned off it's cast shadows to get the look of laying more flat on his body (being it was made to go over the shirt).
Can you tell how much I LOVE DuskSE? ;)

I render with and without shadows from different parts, and blend in photoshop to get just the right look...not happy
with the crown's shadows yet...but NOW back to RL chores... blah! ;)


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I REALLY need some morphpackages for Dusk! What would people recommend? I want to customise the face in particular but working a bit on bodyshapes would be good too. Especially if I want to do some clothes for Dusk. I think the guy's wardrobe is seriously short on ... well basically everything.

Satira Capriccio

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If you don't have Dusk Starter Morphs, for sure get them. Next would be Dusk's Head Shapes and Dusk's Body Shapes.
To give Dusk additional expression ability, you want Dusk's Expressions & Visemes.

Not as essential, but small increments of Dusk's Creature Heads can give you some rather unique Dusk characters.

Dusk's Head Morph Resource Kit gives you additional control of Dusk's face.
Dusk's Shapes And Sizes Volume 1 helps to create giants and dwarves.
wow... quite a set of additions. I will best take the most obvious ones. Especially the body shapes. Thanks for pointing things out to me