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Show Us Your Dawn Renders!


Heck, Hornet, the Alps in your ground floor?! Yuck! What a mess :( Glad this isn't as bad but it's bad enough.

One thing we Kiwis do after floods is get in industrial sized dehumidifiers from carpet cleaners. Even domestic ones are useful and really help remove the moisture.

Sending you warm and drying thoughts from downunder. Enjoy your day with Dawn.
Thanks, the industrial dehumidifiers sounds a good idea must look into that.


The Margician
Contributing Artist
So many lovey images are in this thread. I really try to use Dawn more in my images and I thought it's a good idea to start showing the ones I've already created.

I begin with my very first image with Dawn. It's old, but I still like it. Thanks for looking! :inlove:



The Wicked Witch of the North
Very nice, Margy! Though is...'nice' the right word to describe that very scary looking lady?!

What is she doing, Enchantment? I'll have to have a look on the monitor later.

That's a lovely skin, Richard.

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
@Lyne - A truly beautiful render. I was going to ask you what the background was, and now I know. I'm also going to check out that pose set by Ilona, and I'm needing more variety.

@Tosca - Also a truly beautiful render. I can't wait to get this gorgeous lady once the checks come in the next couple of days. Then she's going to be MINE!!!!! :D

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
I really miss that little head banging against the wall emoti we used to have on the old forum. I wish Lisa would add it back if she still has it.