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Show Us Your Dawn Renders!


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I tried the uploading from my computer too but got an "image too large" error. Not sure why; the image sizes weren't any larger than anything else I've posted here.

I'll just try again later. As you said, it could be just more bugs being worked out.

I was able to click on the Marshland image. So that does work.

Are other folks just linking to their gallery images here?
Yeah, it's better to save images for web before uploading them. Usually around 1 MB or so and they will not upload. Again could be the issue. The one I loaded earlier is about 400 KB. Yes you can link to your gallery images here. Although, I have not tried that.

Also too if you are rendering something in the background it sometimes doesn't like that and will be very slow or have an error. I know when I am rendering in DS and then try and upload it sometimes wont allow it.
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One more take on mixing Anime and toon styles, making her a "toonime" character. This is Dawn with my Body Type-8 and some body scaling. Face is a mix of Willow and Nissa characters. Rendered in Poser with Superfly. Now I realize I should had used Narrow Shoulders, but I forgot! :rolleyes:



WOW talk about hot!! ;)
Yep, she's burned everybody she's ever been close to.
Hey that firely hair looks awesome! ^_____^
Thank you. It's just a couple of HSV nodes placed in the alternate diffuse and translucence color of the original firefly shader. I haven't quite figured out how to properly do it in a Cycles Shader yet.
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