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WIP Pugman?

Satira Capriccio

Contributing Artist
How very perfect.

Sir Pugsley Hogarth IV is an explorer! And he doesn't mind going native at all.

I can see him teamed up with Editha Gellis McGwinn II, Explorer and Traveler Extraordinaire.
Though, I can't see her going native ... at all.

Or ... perhaps she met him on an expedition. That's it! A whole tribe of Pug people deep in the jungle.
And he returned with her and was introduced to society as Sir Pugsley Hogarth IV!

Woohoo! I have my character and his story. Now, I just need him!!!


The possibilities for this guy are endless. Apart from the top hat and tails already mentioned I can see him with a tribal staff of office complete with skull (animal or otherwise!), Some kind of headwear/crown, Safari suit (With baggy shorts), the list goes on......

Definitely not the sort of chappie I would care to encounter on a dark, foggy night. Mind you I can think of loads of renders for him to strut his stuff! SMOKIN' DUDE! :squee:
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Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
I don't know where you get all your inspiration from Chris, but it's always amazing to see what you come up with.