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Our real life pets


Some cats are just too smart.

..and some :)

Last few weeks the Benji (the dog) has been on cage rest after a dislocated kneecap, so the cats have had free roam.

Few times I've gone to the cage, found the door shut and thought why did I close that.
Then found out one of the cats climbs on the cage, and knowing Benji can't do anything, shuts the door! :)

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Many years ago, when I was still studying competition level dancing, the owners of the studio had an adorable kitty, who ALWAYS walked across all three keyboards on the front desk while everyone was working on them. Back then it used to amaze me how she kept doing it, even after one of the gals at the desk would remove her, and put her on the floor. She always managed to get back up on the desk, and trot across the keyboards again.

Satira Capriccio

Contributing Artist
Cats are far more stubborn (and contrary) than any other creature, including humans. Move them from what they are doing (especially, if it's irritating) and they are even more determined to do it.

They know if they repeat it enough times, the human will give up.

The battle of the sexes is nothing compared to the battle of the cat and their human.


Busy Bee
Contributing Artist
OLeary head 4 small.jpg

THIS is my boy! He has definitely earned pet privileges today. At a sheep show, didn't put a hoof wrong even with small children and dogs saying 'hi', perfect gentleman at all times and won his class too. Does a better 'heel' than my dog :p. Lots of sheep-treats and chest-scritchies!