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  1. My Backyard

    My Backyard

    My Backyard by JeffersonAF
  2. JaneEdens Dogs

    JaneEdens Dogs

    JaneEdens Dogs by JaneEden
  3. Twizted Shaders Vol 1 by TwiztedMetal

    Twizted Shaders Vol 1 by TwiztedMetal

    Twizted Shaders Vol 1 by TwiztedMetal
  4. Puppies!


  5. Little Trouble

    Little Trouble

  6. Big Trouble

    Big Trouble

  7. Saddog-and-some-followers


    Years ago I created a character for my mother named Tabirei. This character is a traveler spirit style who always has her dogs with her as well as other dogs. This is the latest version using the Daz Millenium Dog and the Melody form with dog features. I have another but it's too big.
  8. The_unicorn_hunt_by_dakorillon-d9pxim6


    See the whole story here: http://dakorillon.deviantart.com/art/The-Unicorn-Hunt-587749758
  9. Rae134

    Our real life pets

    Starting this thread in hope of learning more about Szarks Patterdale Terriers. :) I currently have a cat (short hair tabby vet thinks may have Bengal somewhere in the mix) and a dog (Belgian Sheepdog/Husky mix). But in the past I've had Horses, Mice, Fish and other Cats and Dogs. This is...