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  1. A Bunch of Cats

    A Bunch of Cats

  2. Pumpkin Head ?

    Pumpkin Head ?

  3. The Princess and Her Cats

    The Princess and Her Cats

  4. Cats in A Tree

    Cats in A Tree

  5. Darling Tabby Cats

    Darling Tabby Cats

  6. Shop Cats (assembled)

    Shop Cats (assembled)

  7. Cat Play

    Cat Play

  8. cuddles


  9. Ya fight like a gurrl sis!

    Ya fight like a gurrl sis!

    Hivewire kitten
  10. Play Fight

    Play Fight

    3 of Faery_Lights textures
  11. La Maison Capucine

    La Maison Capucine

    Sympatico Studio Promo
  12. Winged Forest Catula

    Winged Forest Catula

    HW House Cat, CWRW Orange Tabby, Catula Morphs
  13. King Of  Disco

    King Of Disco

  14. A Halloween's Night

    A Halloween's Night

  15. Under My Umbrella

    Under My Umbrella

  16. Friend or Foe?

    Friend or Foe?

    Sympatico Studio Promo featuring Lisa's Botanicals Potted Palm
  17. Rae134

    Our real life pets

    Starting this thread in hope of learning more about Szarks Patterdale Terriers. :) I currently have a cat (short hair tabby vet thinks may have Bengal somewhere in the mix) and a dog (Belgian Sheepdog/Husky mix). But in the past I've had Horses, Mice, Fish and other Cats and Dogs. This is...