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  1. The Battle 4 of 4

    The Battle 4 of 4

  2. Wild Horses

    Wild Horses

  3. Horses Greetings

    Horses Greetings

  4. Horses in the Fall

    Horses in the Fall

  5. Grasslands Wild Running 2sm

    Grasslands Wild Running 2sm

    Wild Band running free.
  6. FantasyCarousel


    Playing with my latest project.
  7. A Pleasant Day in the Desert

    A Pleasant Day in the Desert

    Herd of horses running through the countryside on a spring morning.
  8. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Artistic Resources

    Wasn't sure where to put this, so I started a new thread. A group I belong to on Facebook, had a member post that the following sites were open for reference material, and that she could also do higher res pictures (likely for a price). Shire Horse Society Spring Show 2017 UKshires.net - the...
  9. Horses Of The Heartland

    Horses Of The Heartland

    Made possible by Daio!
  10. Wetlands-IStamp


  11. Wetlands-3


  12. Wetlands-2-Stamp


  13. Faery_Light

    Testers needed for HiveWire Horse texture sets.

    Silly me, waiting for responses to request for testers and none came. Reason...I forgot to post asking for testers. :oops: I need testers for both Poser and DAZ Studio. The zip files are in my folder in my dropbox so if you are willing to test I will send you an invite and a link. Send me a...
  14. The Cat Clan

    The Cat Clan

    Fantasy Cat textures I've been working on for Harry
  15. Rae134

    Our real life pets

    Starting this thread in hope of learning more about Szarks Patterdale Terriers. :) I currently have a cat (short hair tabby vet thinks may have Bengal somewhere in the mix) and a dog (Belgian Sheepdog/Husky mix). But in the past I've had Horses, Mice, Fish and other Cats and Dogs. This is...
  16. Curiosity Rr

    Curiosity Rr

    mother,son and rocker horse :D
  17. Spring Run

    Spring Run

  18. Trotting Shetlands

    Trotting Shetlands

  19. We Three Who...

    We Three Who...

  20. Forgotten