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Official Poser Service Releases (Updates)


How do I know which version I have? I know it is 11 pro but not know which service release?

In the top menu, choose "Help" then "About Poser." You'll see the release number at the bottom left of the graphic, under your licensee name.

However, for Poser 11 Pro, all you have to do is go to the Preferences, General Preferences, Miscl tab and click on the "Now" Check for Updates button. It is set to check for updates on startup by default, but if it's not checking, just do it manually. If there is an update you need, it will prompt you to run the update utility.

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
You're welcome Alisa. I already downloaded and installed the update, and the updated content, without a hitch. :)

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Unless you're not on a Cable or DSL connection, downloading shouldn't take long at all. I think the app itself only took about 8 minutes, and the content only took about 16-17 minutes.
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lol...just downloaded an update in the last couple of days but still haven't installed it. Can I go straight to the latest or would I need to install both?


Hi Pen!

I think the latest service releases usually contain the previous updates plus whatever improvements have been added since, though I may be wrong in that. Hopefully someone more knowledgable could clarify it!


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Thanks Mytho...I'm not in any hurry I tend to wait and see if there are any issues before installing.

Satira Capriccio

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Generally, Poser Service Releases include all cumulative updates and enhancements from the previous Service Releases.

Once in a while, there was a Service Release that did not include a specific previous Service Release, but that was always stated. Of course ... finding the change log before downloading and installing doesn't seem to be the easiest thing in the world to do anymore.

Here is the change log from a post on the Smith Micro forum.

New Update available

From the installer:

SR6 offers several enhancements and addresses known issues present in the following areas:

• General performance and stability updates and improvements
• Content Library improvements
• Material Room improvements
• Preview Rendering improvements
• Final Rendering improvements
• Figure Design improvements
• Animation improvements
• Import/Export improvements
• Installation Improvements
• PoserPython Improvements
• Queue Manager improvements (Pro Only)
• PoserFusion improvements (Pro Only)

With your registered Poser 11 serial number, you can access and download updates via Download Manager (available at Poser Pro 2014 & Game Dev Updates).

SR6 Enhancements and Fixes, by Category

• Object > Create Text Prop now allows user selection of Font.
• Improved GUI for high resolution displays.
• Fix for fatal error on launch in certain cases (e.g. Restore from Time Machine).
• Weblinks have been revised and reorganized.
• Improved suggested UI scale for high DPI monitors on Windows.
• Fixed various Material palette scrolling issues.
• Fixed text display on some dialog/palette text buttons with large text sizes on Windows.
• Fixed drawing of y-axis labels on Graph palettes in high DPI/UI Scale situations.
• Improved support for alternative keyboard layouts.
• Fixed font scale for Material Room dial popup text fields for system settings with large text sizes.
• SreeD document preview: Improved actor and figure circle picking (macOS High Resolution only).
• Removed view source option from log window.
• Improved control/font size for popup text fields when running on Windows with large display scale settings.
• Fixed hierarchy widget drawing issues at high system scale.
• Fixed Animation Palette frame number font size for high system scale on Windows.
• Fixed incorrect initial size for Sketch Designer on high DPI Windows.
• Improved behavior of group tool marquee/draw selection on Mac Retina displays.
• Missing group tool cursors have been restored.
• Fixed display of value ops and driven parameters in Dependency Editor.
• Fixed some layout problems with Split Morph dialog at high DPI.

Content Library
• Content Library: Fixed some minor GUI issues when setting an item as Favorite.
• Content Library: Improved stability with drag and drop from library.
• Content Library: Now filtering out file names like '._abc.ppz'. These dot/underscore files are typically hidden on Mac and are not meant to be viewed.
• Search: Improved reliability of ‘Locate’ from search results.

Material Room
• Material names now display the full width of the palette.
• Improved implementation of ScatterVolume in SuperFly and clarified its behavior in documentation.
• Improved scrolling behavior in material room.
• Fixed a problem with rectangle drag-selection of material nodes on Mac Retina displays.
• Improved stability with Material Room Compound nodes when connecting inputs.
• Improved drawing of Compound shader nodes: 1) problems with preview not updating when changing input values, 2) Incorrect expanding of compounds.
Preview Rendering
• Fixed rollover help for Render Settings > Preview > Antialias Samples.

Final Rendering
• SuperFly: Stability improvements.
• SuperFly: Cameras parented to Figures now render correctly in SuperFly/Queue renders (Poser Pro only).
• SuperFly: Improved Cycles > Vector > Mapping node accuracy when rendering in queue, background or separate process.
• SuperFly: Allowing simultaneous use of bump and normal mapping in SuperFly.
• SuperFly: Strand based hair now has proper UV coordinates, allowing it to be textured by the surface underneath.
• SuperFly: Improved SuperFly glossy shading at very low roughness.
• SuperFly: Improved implementation of ScatterVolume node . Behavior of node clarified in documentation.
• SuperFly: Fixed an issue where SuperFly renders on Windows could get stuck.
• SuperFly: fractal_sum node in SuperFly now matches FireFly more closely.
• SuperFly: SuperFly's interpretation of visibility flags now matches FireFly more closely.
• Optimized and improved render performance.
• Addressed stability issues associated with rendering in background or separate process.
• Improved stability when rendering hair props.
• FireFly: Enabled toon outlines (Standard version only).
• Fixed case where only a portion of the first render would display.
• Make Movie: Improved Sketch rendering stability at reduced resolution scale

Figure Design
• Fixed a precision problem that caused shifting of geometry at extremities.
• Parameter/Properties palette now exposes 'Master Sync enabled', which allows for a global override of parameter Master Sync behavior.
• Create Figure: No longer incorrectly creating control props on body parts that were specified not to be included in the rig.
• Fixed picking logic that caused jumpy painting behavior for morphs/weights when model had lots of polys facing perpendicular to camera vector.
• Improved weight painting with many overlapping objects. May also have affected morph painting and other picking-related tasks.
• Improved display when painting morphs on subdivided meshes.
• Improve behavior of Morph Creation when 'Work with Current Morphs' was unchecked.
• Hidden parameters are no longer omitted in Figure > Copy Morphs From...
• Added option to turn off Master Sync.
• Deformer properties: Exposed magnet attribute to make it easier to create magnets that have a better effect on figures.
• Fixed instability with Morph Brush (and Weight Painting) in certain situations with Subd >/= 2.
• RestrictTo is now obeyed for single vert brush in Morph/Weight painting.
• Fixed instability when editing no-geometry bones.
• Fixed instability when performing Create Figure from fitting room in certain situations.
• Improved morph target handling when moving files between Poser and ZBrush. (Poser Pro only).

• Improved stability when saving a scene with a graph palette after having deleted a figure/object whose parameter was the shown in the graph.
• Bullet Physics: Now posting log message when mesh is considered poor for simulation.

• Fixed an intermittent failure to load textures on subdivided props upon load.

• Windows installer will default to previous install location.
• Windows updater and full installer behavior improved when installing both 64 and 32 bit versions.
• Installer behavior improved when installing Queue Manager only via Poser installer. (Poser Pro only).
• Mac installer now properly corrects bad permissions for Application Support files directory.

• Included 3rd party Python scripts updated.
• Old version of light manager removed from installer.

Queue Manager (Poser Pro Only)
• Increased master queue stability when remote nodes return invalid frames.
• Now properly recognizing failed render transfers from remote nodes.
• Improved reliability of sending jobs to remote nodes.
• SuperFly Queue renders on remote machines now respect images in background shaders.

PoserFusion (Poser Pro Only)
• PoserFusion for LightWave: Experimental support for Lightwave 2016 Beta added.
• PoserFusion for Lightwave: Documentation updated to reflect current version.
• PoserFusion for Cinema 4D: Plugin now sends only error messages to C4D console.​

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
I always suspected the updates were cumulative, but thanks for confirming that Satira.

Gadget Girl

Contributing Artist
Just curious, has anyone whose done the newest service release seen 'vanishing' geometry in the preview mode? I ran into this earlier this morning testing out some stuff for @NapalmArsenal. When I applied certain of her textures, the model seemed to disappear but would render fine.

I just loaded up something of my own creation, and part of the mesh doesn't show up anymore in the preview window, but again renders fine.

I swear, the back of that shoe really is there. In my case changing textures doesn't make the difference, but that might be because all the textures share a similar setup.


Dances with Bees
No, not happening for me at all GG. But I can tell you the part that is "missing" in your image is the Shin group.

Satira Capriccio

Contributing Artist
I had a similar problem when Poser Pro 11 was first released. The solution in my case was to copy the material from a zone that was visible and paste it in the zone that was missing. It was the strangest thing because the materials were identical.

You might try that, though it could be something entirely different 5 SRs later.


Contributing Artist
Seems it is something connected to normals, "Force show backfacing poligons" make invisible parts look as smooth shaded.

And specularity is PoserSurface and PhysSurface is still broken (ghosting).

Gadget Girl

Contributing Artist
No, not happening for me at all GG. But I can tell you the part that is "missing" in your image is the Shin group.

Thanks, the time spent weight mapping that area has me well acquainted with what group it was ;) it's kind of curious that it's just on the one side though. The other shoes is fine.

Seems it is something connected to normals, "Force show backfacing poligons" make invisible parts look as smooth shaded.

And specularity is PoserSurface and PhysSurface is still broken (ghosting).

Okay interesting. So I went and looked. If I spin the camera around to the back, the polygons show back up. So that one part of the model isn't showing back facing polygons. Actually a couple parts of the model, the other parts, like the sole of one of the shoes just weren't obvious. So yeah, I think it's linked to that. The settings on the shoes are to Obey the Global Settings.


Contributing Artist
11.0.7 is in Download Manager.
Not sure if it's final 11.0.7 - about still says 11.0.6.
Seems like at least some of Cycles speed and memory improvements were ported.:)
No shadowcatcher, no adaptive subdivision, no culling options...:cry: