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Members Mugs (Mugshots)


Ah! What a great bunch of coconuts, just hanging around! And, you are all truly a great bunch of people. I started reading this thread last night, and did the supper and sleep thing, up at 7:30 and finished reading. My avatar is a pretty recent-ish pic. But, I got a good camera, and a good smart phone with a couple nice cameras in it too. Sooo...
first- the ships are sailing out to sea with Barnacle Bill the Sailor!
second-open eyes, OPEN EYES!
third-goody its done! ;)

"My name is Michael, I *AM* a 'Mc', and a grandfather since '97, therefore McGrandpa which abbreviated, is McG. Who just turned 65. " And there ya have me folks! :D


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Hugging and vegging out with Tigers. Ah what a life!

I have a 7 year old Seal Point Siamese and a 10 year old Brown Marble Bengal. Mogwai, the Siamese, is my Baby Boy, born right here beside this house, never spent a night outside. Tattoo, the Bengal, was brought to me to 'rescue' less than a year old. Raised outside, he's an indoor guy now. He has allergies real bad and gets really clingy when the daily hives rush through him. I hold him, love him and I know he fakes the allergy attacks at times. Just so I will hold him. Cats. Smart critters! They're my buddies, I Love em!


Good Story and good job! I want to work my kid over and tell him get busy and get me grandkids but que sera sera!