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Lyne is in the Hospital!


I’m VERY upset... Lyne Masamitsu here-
I'm a bit freaked out as the new surgeon said the WHOLE wound on my back is cancer and IF the plastic surgeon agrees to take me on, I have to go for major surgery as an in patient.... Took doctors 8 months to be honest with me?!
The new surgeon said she thinks none of the surgeon’s got back to me because “ there may not be an optional outcome”?!?
Next step is for her to talk to the plastic surgeon and see IF he’ll take my case, and if so I’ll have to go see him for initial consult...

I’m just beside myself.... talked to a good friend on the phone and cried the shock out... I just did not think I’d be in the hospital again!!!!!!!!
That's terrible! I hope now that all the bull corn is out of the way you will finally see some progress. I know the idea of staying in the hospital is abhorrent, but you can do it. Hang in there.


HW Honey Bear
I did decide to call and leave a message for the surgeon- saying that I want two more biopsies of other areas of my wound last night, and when I (hopefully) see the plastic surgeon I can say how ONLY the mole in one corner changed, and that the rest of the wound had not changed in at least 10 years or so- I’m trying to take back some control!


HW Honey Bear
It’s been a while since I updated my Siri.,. I’m to have an MRI - with a specific dye, to allow for the new plastic surgeon to do the surgery he agreed to do- NOW the hold up is while my referring doctor got the radiology department at Scripps ( where I prefer to go) called with a phone number to schedule the appointment... I’m BEING HELD UP by that same referring doctor not yet sending me the blood test orders to make sure said dye will not hurt me at my age! I’ve been waiting for nearly two weeks (with repeated messages left, pleading for those orders) for them. Yesterday my devoted home nurse (who draws my blood) sent a fax to this doctor asking again for the orders we are waiting for. So now I wait again. If I don’t hear back in a week, I’ll have to call the new plastic surgeon ( who has ordered this MRI with dye) and go at it from another direction. HE did not order that blood test before asking for the MRI, so I’m going to have to bring that reality to his attention. It’s all I can think to do !

I’m trying so hard to keep myself safe, while pushing to do the required thing I need so much - the removal of the original bad mole!

I am not sure where to put this link - this is a page that a friend built and it on my own website for my friends to view-a bunch of the cutest paint by number ANIMATED images! The are amazing!

Lyne's Paint By Number Videos

A couple are broken- they do not animate after they color in... he didn’t realize which of those to leave off... there is only one app that makes these animations that work properly - that is TAP COLOR paint by numbers.

Thank goodness I have these images to distract me from the reality of my health problems.


HW Honey Bear
JUST got a text from my nurse- her company finally got the blood draw orders!! She comes again on Friday, so she can draw my blood then... and I told her that IF the test includes liver enzymes we can copy my lung doctor too! ( I have to have a blood test for those once a month, for my lung doctor- she keeps watch on those because of the medication I take ( long term) for my lung- fungus problem) .

I’ll find out Friday morning.
Anyway, one more step closer to getting the MRI, then seeing the plastic surgeon....!


Well that is a little ray of sunshine in what seems a a dark period. Coping with an illness is difficult at the best of times but having to fight the health institutions is real agro. Being diabetic type 2 means I have constant fights, not that relates in any way to the concerns you have but I do have some insight into how such battles get you down if you let it.

I have nothing but sympathy for your situation but I do admire the fight you have in you. Keep it up, you deserve to win and big time.