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Lyne is in the Hospital!


HW Honey Bear
Good that you are keeping in touch. We do appreciate the progress checks even the the progress is glacial.


Lyne is in the hospital again!

She was FINALLY scheduled to have the surgery on the Basil cell carcinoma on her back on September 18th. But on the 14th her lungs started bleeding again. So she had to be rushed to the hospital to get that fixed. Her surgery was then rescheduled to September 21st. Unfortunately, because of all of the delays the cancer had gone into the muscle. Thus making her recovery more difficult.

Lyne would appreciate your prayers!


Lost Mad Soul
Contributing Artist
I hope that Lynne is able to get the care and treatment needed soon. I know it has been a long and rough journey.

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Goodness, this has really gone on long enough. Here's hoping all goes well, and Lyne's recovery is easier, and quicker, than expected.

My thoughts are with her.