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LAMH Fuzzy Kitty


the same as my girl :p hehehe
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look at that fluffy belly (its soft like rabbit fur), too bad if you tried to stroke it as she'd try and take your hand off :p (its just turned spring so she's about to loose some of the fluffies when she gets her summer coat)
Awwwwwwwwwwww :inlove: :balloon03:

They really don't like being touched there :whistling:

Maybe it has something to do with the way they fight when they're on their back and lash out with the hind legs: an opponent on top of them would be eviscerated, which I think is the whole point... :eek:


I read the entire thread as I also have had problems with LAMH and have had the same problem on a different animal, one that was done by the authors of LAMH and still had the dandruff issue on my render. I could only solve in Photoshop which was very time consuming or putting the animal in a snow storm. I am sorry you did not get your answer. I even wrote the author of LAMH and was only pointed to a generic instructional tutorial he did on YouTube. Unfortunately it does not address the dandruff issue or the hairy eyeball issue. Lucky for me that I did not do a close up...smile Pretty funny though.


Busy Bee
That I am aware of, there are no collision parameters available. Collision is "taken care of" by posing the guide hairs so that they do not intersect. I am really tempted to try to take the .obj file generated by LAMH and run that through VWD Cloth and Hair engine, but that might be WAY too many polygons to run a sim on. It would move in the breeze, though, if it didn't crash my computer...


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ooh...that would be interesting if it would work VB...I wonder how fibermesh hair would work? I haven't bought the VWD plug in yet as I've been busy paying off Terradome 3 and all the webinars I signed up for recently.

Dakorillon (IMArts)

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I'm using Iray. I haven't really used 3Delight since Iray came out; I thought it always looked too much like plastic. I used to always use Firefly, and since I haven't upgraded to Poser 11 yet, Superfly isn't an option. The last one I posted baked about 45 minutes, but the geometry LAMH creates is pretty hard on the system.
Are you exporting it to an object and re-importing it for Iray? As far as I knew, LAMH doesn't work straight up in Iray.


HW Honey Bear
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Here's a newer version with shorter hair. Got rid of the hairy eyeballs :)
this is SO much better... lets the coat/pattern show, but looks fluffy! I'm actually CONSIDERING using DS JUST for 1.Howie Farkes new scenery made only for DS and for LAMH thingy... as brushing out fur is PAINFUL for my joints!


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@Dakorillon (IMArts) If you have the "full" version of LAMH, you can export the hair as a fibermesh, which gives the same results, but DRASTICALLY reduces memory usage. If you don't have the full version, then, yes, you have to export as obj. You don't have to re-import it though, it loads by itself.

@Lyne Howie Farkes' sets are pretty neat. I have a few, and really like them. LAMH is loads of fun, once you figure out how the script works and which actions cause it to randomly crash Studio... :) The full version is totally worth it. The artists are working on LAMH 2, which is supposed to natively support Iray and let you edit each "bone" of the hair strands. I can't wait... I want to do a "real" braid soooooo bad!

Dakorillon (IMArts)

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Okay, so you are exporting it, I somehow thought you were managing to render it in Iray, without that step! I do have the full version, but haven't managed to make anything to write home about. And Garibaldi, I can't even figure out how to start! I need to sit down with some tutorials and just play.