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Ken Gilliland's Products In Renders


Contributing Artist
Thanks Stezza, I looked there and couldn't see it :p
(not sure what I did with the number plate! I did take out the glass and headlamps since I didn't know how to make them look aged)

Ken Gilliland

HW3D Exclusive Artist
Yes, with all my new and updated models-- all the morphs/controls are found in the BODY section. Individual body parts only contain rotates and very specific controls like in the hands/feet (grasp/spread)


I enjoyed using one of Ken's amazingly life-like turtles in this render.


Nature's Wonders Turtles (Red-eared Slider) by Ken Gilliland at HiveWire3D
Nature's Wonders Moths of the World Vol. 1 (One-eyed Sphinx) by Ken Gilliland at HiveWire3D

Asiatic Lily by Lisa Botanicals at HiveWire 3D
Jungle Heat by Napalmarsenal at HiveWire 3D
Dance of the Flowers by Napalmarsenal at HiveWire 3D

Flinks Mossy Rocks HD by Flink at Renderosity
DRTreeSet201203 by Raul Lunia (Dinoraul) at Renderosity

Secluded Haven

Secluded Haven1.jpg


HW Honey Bear
Nice! Amazing how useful such an old model as the Redhouse Fairytale Cottage can be. I've snapped up any texture expansions for it that I've come across. In fact, I just used that one particular for a Whatsmas card for a fanfest. Was a little disappointed that the texture had to be manually applied in the surface tab, but it did apply. Not sure whether that was due to the version of Studio I'm running or not. An .mc6 usually applies with the usual double click on the thumbnail.