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big dog

  1. Mini dogs

    Mini dogs

  2. One of a kind.jpg

    One of a kind.jpg

  3. Best companions.jpg

    Best companions.jpg

  4. Sherlock Dog And Catson

    Sherlock Dog And Catson

  5. Play Hide With Mom

    Play Hide With Mom

  6. Coming Back Home - Winter Winds

    Coming Back Home - Winter Winds

  7. I'm Seeing Spots!

    I'm Seeing Spots!

  8. R-R-R-R-Rombie


  9. In The Swing Of Things!

    In The Swing Of Things!

    my love of "Hilda" inspired art continues....
  10. Bounty Hunter

    Bounty Hunter

  11. Sunday Afternoon Bike Ride!

    Sunday Afternoon Bike Ride!

    I continue to adore, and am inspired by "Hilda" from the 1950's She was a little known pinup by Duane Bryers Hilda
  12. The Painter

    The Painter

    continuing with my love of Hilda...
  13. Oh Dear!!

    Oh Dear!!

  14. Come On Buddy

    Come On Buddy

  15. Keep Your Eye On The Ball!

    Keep Your Eye On The Ball!

  16. Beach Babe (REDUX)

    Beach Babe (REDUX)

    I do love the HIVEWIRE DOG! :)
  17. Picnic Love

    Picnic Love

  18. Running


  19. Friendly Race

    Friendly Race

  20. mininessie

    RELEASED Car for Hw Luna,Dog and Cat

    i almost finished the mats...still have to do driving poses for Luna,dog and cat and some finishing touches..but i want to show you ! it will have two mats...one with flames and number and one without...and three plates...one for baby,one for dog and one for cat. Firefly,3Deligth and Iray.