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Ken Gilliland's Products In Renders


Dances with Bees
Contributing Artist
Hey all, I'm working on a set of animations for Ken's birds. They will have animations from most all of his packages. Is there anyone here that does? This project has only begun and it's months away from being completed. Basically I will need a tester for them. Animations are easy to test. Just look at the file structure and load the animations. Make sure there are no outright mistakes using the posing camera like a leg completely bent around. That kind of thing. I know finding someone won't be easy that's why I'm asking now.


Yes I am really liking Hilda, I never knew anything about her until this thread. Duane Bryers managed to make a female character who was perfectly lovable, in a time when perfect was probably all about thin waists and large breasts.

Some of Hilda's facial expressions are priceless.