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Ken Gilliland's Products In Renders


Playing with Paralia Beach set by ShaaraMuse3D at Renderosity.
SBRM updated sets with Little Egret, Spoonbill Sandpipers (the small birds) and an American Avocet.
Glaucous Gulls from an older Seabird set.
PoserPro11 render in Firefly.



Ken, I don't know what I am about to say will be of any use, but here we discovered that the sound of a vacuum encourages our birds to want a shower. I can't say if there is a reason for this behavior, but it works for us and is very entertaining the watch my macaw beg for a shower....lol I keep saying I'm going to film it, but neither I or my wife can hold a camera still any more....

Ken Gilliland

HW3D Exclusive Artist
It does help, she lifts her wings like she wants a shower, but when she discovers its just the vaccum, it time to attack


It does help, she lifts her wings like she wants a shower, but when she discovers its just the vaccum, it time to attack
For many years I had a sulfur crested, they are definitely different for sure, don't ask me why but even after all the bleeding fingers, torn shirts and years spent teaching my wife how to defuse his sneak attacks I really enjoyed his company. He was the only bird I have had that was 110 volt proof a fact he proved time and time again by biting through extension cords...lol Yes angel was touchy about showers too as I recall and would generally find something to hide under. Angel gave me all kinds of ideas for renders and stories with no end of exacerbation for my wife...lol


:yeahthat: That is a good reminder from Ken.

He certainly does have some amazing birds!


SBRM Parrots Vol 1 - Parrots of the World (Crimson Rosella) by Ken Gilliland at HiveWire 3D

Ohia Lehua by Ken Gilliland at HiveWire 3D

Flinks Tree 5 by Flink at Renderosity
Flinks Tree 6 by Flink at Renderosity
Flinks Blossom Bushes 4 by Flink at Renderosity
Legend of Fantasy by Susan Justice (formerly McKivergan) at Renderosity

Crimson Beauties
Crimson Beauties.jpg


Contributing Artist
Hail To The Queen!
Hail To The  Queen.jpg

Created With: Nature's Wonders Bee, Lisa's Botanicals Tulip, These are custom textures a set I did for Jojse from her actual blooms last year, Fabiana's Theory of Zen HDRI lights for Iray

Hail To The Queen!
Queen Bee.jpg

Same set up but added DOF, and These are Lisa's Botanicals Tulips with Soft Pastel Textures.