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I Just Wanted to Post an Image Thread


Dances with Bees
I figured this thread to be dead... I posted an image here and it got no response and no one was posting here for awhile. Then BOOM! I come back two days later and it's off and running again.... ah, the interwebs.... who knew?

Seliah (Childe of Fyre)

Running with the wolves.
Contributing Artist
This started out as a dynamic cloth exercise (the cloth hanging on the table), as I want to start working on a tutorial for the expanded settings panel soon. Anyway, at some point, I'm not sure when, it morphed into something else entirely.

Title : Left Behind
Image dimensions of original are 2100 x 1800 pixels.
3delight render.
Postwork in Photoshop

I'm still not overly happy with the lights. I wanted something completely different for lights, but I couldn't get it to cooperate. So we have this. It's not bad, and I do like it - it's just not what I wanted to do with the lights is all.

I'm inserting this one as a thumbnail due to the sheer size of the render. So, click the thumbnail to see it better. :)

Left Behind.jpg


Eurydice reflects on her fate after Orpheus* failed in his attempt to rescue her from the Underworld by breaking Hades' injunction not to look back.


* Orpheus was later torn apart by woman at a Bacchic orgy, so basically not the brightest kid on the block!