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Discussion in 'It's About the Art!' started by Stezza, Jan 6, 2016.

  1. Pendraia

    Pendraia Seasoned Contributing Artist

    So...I've been reorganising my Genesis 3 content...and I ended up doing a render. First is with no postwork, second has been postworked and a number of filters applied. I used default depth of field as I don't know much about it.
    Dancer.jpg Dancerpw.jpg
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  2. Rae134

    Rae134 Renowned CV-BEE Contributing Artist

    I like the postworked one Pen, just a shame you lost some of that reflection
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  3. Pendraia

    Pendraia Seasoned Contributing Artist

    Yeah...it might be possible to get it back by erasing some of the layers over that area. I'll have to play and see what I can do.
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  4. quietrob

    quietrob Extraordinary

    I agree. I like the postworked filtered version better. It has a certain pop to it plus more vibrant colors. Keeping the reflection should be easy!
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  5. Ken1171

    Ken1171 Distinguished Contributing Artist

    I think postwork is important exactly because of color correction. :)
  6. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    I think a good portion of the reflection would've been lost if Pen had used DoF, so not too bad without it.

    If you decide to try and bring some of it back, I wouldn't try to bring it all back.
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  7. Pendraia

    Pendraia Seasoned Contributing Artist

    Thanks for the input...I will try and find some time to play with it some more.
  8. Dreamer

    Dreamer Dream Weaver Designs Contributing Artist

    Was mucking around tonight with no real plan in mind and ended up with some thing I liked. I am going to expand a bit more on this but for now I'll just say...

    Where's my coffee?!?
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  9. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Dakorillon (IMArts) Extraordinary Contributing Artist

    I wouldn't want to be his secretary!
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  10. Dreamer

    Dreamer Dream Weaver Designs Contributing Artist

  11. Stezza

    Stezza Extraordinary

    Easter Bunny.jpg

    100 pages woohoo!
  12. Stezza

    Stezza Extraordinary

    a supreme ruler
    not sure if it's in inches or mm
    Carrara 8.5

    Supreme Ruler.jpg
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  13. Stezza

    Stezza Extraordinary

    Created and rendered in Carrara

    Squirrel in Easter Egg.jpg
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  14. Dreamer

    Dreamer Dream Weaver Designs Contributing Artist

    Scrat!! Way cool
  15. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    First thing that came to mind Stezza, was that poor critter in Ice Age. :D
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  16. scatha

    scatha Adventurous

    @Miss B That critter is indeed called Scrat, as Dreamer stated.

    Myself, I have been running renders again and got quite lost in them for a few days, tinkering with the haul from March Madness.
    Rogue Shadow 2'1.jpg Trading05(sorceress tairiel).jpg
  17. Lyne

    Lyne Dances with Bees HW Honey Bear

    Eeek!!! The "ice age" critter-ish... ROLF... neat!
  18. quietrob

    quietrob Extraordinary

    I'm digging that space ship but I'm liking that background too! Is that part of a prop or a background? How long to render that ship?
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  19. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    Ahhh, I couldn't remember his name, which is why I didn't recognize Dreamer's reference. ;)

    Ohhhh, I'm liking that space ship Scatha. Niiiiice. :)
  20. Stezza

    Stezza Extraordinary

    any resemblance to any prehistoric creature with nuts living or dead is purely coincidental lol

    Created in Carrara.. with post for the mane :)


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