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WIP HiveWire Wolf Has Begun!


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Staff member
Thanks, it's coming along. We'll get it where it needs to be before long.


HW Honey Bear
Cool, just checking @Chris... I know, I'm a fuss pot, a nit picker, etc.... but I am enthusiastic.... as you may have noticed. ;) I am just SO excited about your animals.... all of them!! (in fact, trying to focus ON the leopard over my dentist woes! :) )


Looks nice. No use for dogs (sorry, really not a dog person) but I can think of lots of uses for wolves. :D


Contributing Artist
Would it be possible to have a morph option to remove the fullness around the neck face so that it could be replaced with poser hair or Lamh?



carmen indorato

A pig would be awesome. A potbelly pig and piglets!
Oh Yeah! I second that wish>
Still using the now long in the tooth pigs set by Lynn a wonderful set back in the day and still quite functional....more so than the DAZ pigs I think. But not just domestic breeds but some of the bigger wild breeds. I was on a black sand nude beach in Martinique way long ago when working on a cruise ship, when just standing around soaking the sun we heard a lot of chaos out of the bushes behind us. We quickly turned to see this huge pig....looked almost as big as a small cow with tusks and black scraggy fur the likes I have never seen in real life. Scaring the heck out of us we backed into the water as it approached. It stopped about 8 feet from us and snorted a bit and looked around with blood shot eyes sniffing the air before turning quickly and crashing back into the brush. I swear it looked like something you could saddle and run roughshod on!
A porker like that for fantasy work would be great also with tusks and simple fantasy tac!
Go piggy....woohoo! LOL