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WIP HiveWire Wolf Has Begun!

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
OMG! I was offline most of the day because of a nutso modem, and I'm just seeing this Chris.

Wonderful start on the Wolf, and I'm liking that growl a lot. :D

Oh and Yes, add my vote for a fox as well. ;)

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
You want a piggie???? Wonder what kind of renders you have in mind. Hmmmmm . . .


One Busy Little Bee
Contributing Artist
A pig would be awesome. A potbelly pig and piglets!
With wings! For those times when someone says "when pigs fly" we can run to our Poser or DS and after a little work and some render time we can produce a photo to that someone and say, "Look the pigs are flying!" One might want to stand out of range and be wearing their track shoes however when they do that. ;)

That growly wolfie is coming along rather nicely or would that be growly?

carmen indorato

The growls and snarls were always missing or terrible in all the other animals I had to work with in Poser. Glad you thought of doing this for this wolf. Even some of the anthro derivatives for the humans were greatly lacking in this area.
Will these expressions morphs also be in the dogs and cats?
How are you thinking of handling the bushy tail? Thrans-mapping? Fibre/Strand?


The Wicked Witch of the North
Yes! They still look like real critters. Like my original Pooh Bear, he's not an icky yellow one.


You are off to a STUNNING start Chris! I'm really looking forward to this wolf & the Big Cats, especially the cougar!


HW3D President
Staff member
Thanks. Been working on Gorilla adult female today. Tomorrow with be working on JCMs for the Leopard cub. And when the cub is done I'll be back on Cougar and work in Wolf on evenings and weekends.


Contributing Artist
Welcome to the Hive Howy2012...the gorilla is gorgeous and like you I think the whole forum is waiting patiently for the cat especially. I did hear a rumor it might have reached QAV so hopefully we may get the base cat fairly quickly.