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WIP HiveWire Wolf Has Begun!


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I want to do them all. Coyote and fox would be nice additions and make perfect sense! It will depend on whether we can find a texture artist for them.
I have put a lot of thought into this. I wrote earlier in another thread about having access to animals to photograph. My thoughts are getting realistic white fur in short medium and long. Use this to set up all the underlying surface nodes. Once this is done the top diffuse layer would not need details, only color, therefore photos of animals then only serve as a guide, like mimicking sebra stripes, where does the red meet the white on a fox. I believe it would be possible to create this white fur with poser hair, or lamh and then use renders of that for making the underlying images. I don't know if there is a copyright right legal way of preventing use of the hair programs from letting this workflow happen. Houdini also has a hair/fur generator. Sometimes difficult to put my thoughts into words. I hope I'm making sense.

Edit, sometimes I just need to talk/or/write-out-loud. Forgot the creating the white fur from renders. If the underlying fur maps was just painted directly on the model in a 3D paint application this should work. Diffuse colors is easy after that because all the fine hair details are taken care of by the other nodes.

another edit - I've been working on some boots for Dawn and Sora, I'm going to to test my fur ideas as a texture addon for the boots, if I pull it off I will allow other artist to use my surface settings on the Hivewire animals.
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The wolf looks great! I need to get the big cat yet. I got the horse and foal so far. :) Pigs are cool. I would love cows! I have no idea why?? :D

Miss B

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Yes, he does have the fox fur coloring. Very interesting look for a wolf. :)


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Sweet looking wolf there for sure.

I need to get back on this wolf work before too long. Need to show more neck fur thickness options and such.

I'm now beginning work on our Lion from the Leopard base.