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HiveWire Warthog from Harry


This could be very difficult because Andrewsarchus is known only from a single skull of immense size - more than twice the length of the skull of the largest living bear. This would make it the largest mammalian predator ever to exist. Andrewsarchus has long been associated with the Mesonychids and all the past reconstructions are based on these association. Interestingly, Mesonychids had hoofs instead of claws giving them the moniker "wolves on hooves". They may be related to the early artiodactyls (a group that includes cattle, camels, pigs and hippos). Many scientists now consider that Andrewsarchus may not be a Mesonychid after all and that it could possibly be an artiodactyl (a discovery of its post cranial skeleton would clear this up once and for all). If this is the case, a reconstrution should be more like Pakicetus, an ancestral whale that had legs and walked on land. And yes, whales are artiodactyls and its closest land based relative is the hippo (Cetacea and Artiodactyla are now combined together as Cetartiodactyla). Confusing?
Yep! That's pretty much what I'm picturing in Andrewsarchus except bigger and meaner. There was a "Walking With Prehistoric Mammals" show some years ago that did a 3d animation that really was not that far off from how Pakicetus has been reconstructed, though of course they went a little wild imagining the color scheme. That's what I am looking for--I have a character that has an Andy as a mount.

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Ya know Rae, I too thought it reminded me of something, but wasn't exactly sure what it reminded me of. I like what looks like its mane, though that's a sketch/painting, so not sure if I'm seeing it correctly.

carmen indorato

I just want to be known that as you all know by now I am a beggar for content I need to get my clammies on Poser stuff to help me bring my fantasies to life. So, as an advisory here, when this warthog is released into the runtime wilds I am going to ruthlessly be begging my fool head off for a fantasy tac for it. Something crude looking and not a "show hog" shiny new and perfectly crafted set either. I want it to look like it belongs on a P.I.G.! Something an Orc or Ratman or Troll or Dark Fae would ride into battle or on the annual Dark Hunt! Simple but utilitarian. And if it cn be used on harry as a fantasy or Native tac as well OH HAPPY BEGGAR ME!
So, remember content creators here....when piggie is out I am coming for Ya with my whining beggar tone and Computer mouse beggar hands out in supplication for some contribution! LOL

Since I saw this I have been poring over my old fanzines (HeavyMetal since issue 1, EPIC and several others) and comics and fantasy art books (have a huge library of reference material neatly organized on wall to wall and floor to ceiling book shelves that cover two walls) and of course GOOGLE looking for ways I can use this bad boy 'cause it aint nuthin without the Tac!
So get'er dun Hivewire!

And just so you be inspired here are a few tidbits i hope will feed da fire! LOL
Think of this bad boy as a WAR HOG!
Hope nothing offensive be posted here!





armored fantasy warhog.jpg






carmen indorato

look at the images i posted above. do they incite you in any way? of course we are going to have to wait and see what is done here with the creature. if it is nor orc war hog worthy that will determine what if any tac need be created. it will need to be knarly to the Nth degree for that to be the case. It will have to be a Hog only an orc or Heavy Metal/LOTR/Art Of War/War Hammer enthusiast can possibly love!


Contributing Artist
I'm closing in on a big sci-fi project. Then I'll make a barbarian outfit for Dawn. If the timing is right, and I complete these things around the time the warthog is done; I can carry elements of the barbarian outfit over to the warthog saddle and armor. For the barbarian I see a few chains, lots of spikes and leather, and some turtle shells. Also, pigs are intelligent creatures, for the warthog armor a spiked helmet, and blades (perhaps ax heads) attached to the tusks are a must but I see no need for a bridal, just good handles on the saddle. Warthog should go on voice commands like a dog. Stay, go get em, leave it, heel, let's go.
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carmen indorato

What? No fur! Or soft buckskin knee-hi boots? Sword...knife....utility bag or belt pouch....wristlets and armlets? Buckskin head band or campaign bags sacks and satchels and bedroll and saddle spear and............LOL