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HiveWire Warthog from Harry


HW3D President
Staff member
A few days ago I posted on Facebook a few mini sketches that I had drawn last week. A couple of those sketches were of a warthog. After that post, a long time friend in this community (Chloe Thorne) asked me if I'd create a warthog model. So my muse got the better of me and today this is what I've been working on.

This is a pure morph from Harry our HiveWire Horse. I've only added in the tusks as props, but the rest is morph work. I have much more to do still. I haven't hardly touched the feet yet, but I think this is a plausible model. The mane will work in nicely, as warthogs have a hairy scruffy mane.

For those that think I take on too many products and wonder why I just don't finish off a few others that I've already started, I do have an answer to that. In actuality I probably am sitting on a years worth of models. They need to be rigged, textured, and additional expression morphs to finish up. I'm working on a long term project that being the human skeleton to fit within Dusk SE, and have many others in the works. But this is what I do, and what I'm not bad at creating. Paul is our rigger, and Laurie/CWRW, Virtual World, and Sparky are our primary texture map artists.

So, I don't know when this project will hit the store. I certainly hope it's sooner than later, but we'll do our best to work it in the line-up. To me, I wanted to see if our Horse mesh can handle this extreme morph, and it would appear that it can.

Can you just picture any of Laurie's awesome horse maps on this hideously handsome beast?!