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HiveWire Warthog from Harry


HW Honey Bear
super progress on the warthog, Chris! They are so utterly ugly/scary looking... I've seen them in real life at the zoo.

Gadget Girl

Contributing Artist
What dainty little feet they have.
Haha. I was thinking the same thing. That was the one thing I thought looked strange in the Beast/Warthog mix, the legs were so thin. But it seems that's a thing. I went and looked at some warthog pictures, and yeah, they have dainty feet, although I think their bodies are often a little closer to the ground, of course I'm just eyeballing and Chris may not have gotten that far. I think though it's also more noticeable when it's an untextured model.


HW3D President
Staff member
Yeah I was going off of a couple of profile reference photos for height of the animal, and leg size, and belly size. But yes, I know there is more variance as well. But... we do have belly morphs that come with the horse that can still be applied to this animal as well.