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RELEASED HiveWire Gorilla From Dusk Underway!


Contributing Artist
Yay on the new icon!

I was going to ask where to find Kong but realized that while I had downloaded him I hadn't loaded him into DS yet :D (must have been too exited to see him :p)


(Just curious. Is it in the works to Gorilla-ize the fingernails?) ignore this... I thought it was still a WIP, but I just saw the pics of the fig in the store. Looks great!
Looks sharp, by the way, better than most other human-to-gorilla morphs.
Strike that. Better than any human-to-gorilla morph I've ever seen.

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Lisa just made one for everyone here, since it seems to be a common phrase here now for some reason. Ha.

I forget now who requested it. Was it you?
No Chris, I didn't request it. I'm still waiting for the head banging on the wall we used to have on the old forum. That's the one I need all the time. :D


Contributing Artist
I think it was me and a couple of other people :D I too would like a banging my head against a wall, desk, what ever :p


Contributing Artist
Congrats to all involved on the release of the Gorilla! What an amazing team you make!!!

VW that is an awesome dial spin...


Wow, you folks are way too kind. But I do appreciate your support.

Working on the Gorilla more today and tonight. Reshaping things to a better looking base. Feel much better about it. Worked over feet and hands, torso, butt area, beefing up lower legs and forearms to support a thicker hair look as well.

Can't remember if I mentioned here that Virtual World has agreed to take a crack at doing the texture maps. Excited for this. She'll do a great job on this beast. I'm sending her an obj to get things going now. And the UVs are the same as Dusk.

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That side view looks like Magilla Gorilla. Another Hanna Barbera cartoon. Chris, you're killing me and making me nostalgic.



Contributing Artist
Seems like one combination of dial spins made a sort of toonish looking gorilla, I will see if I can duplicate it.