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RELEASED HiveWire Gorilla From Dusk Underway!


HW3D President
Staff member
Been itching to get this one started. So for now I'm just taking it on as a muse project, similar to the Dusk skeleton. I'll just work this one in when I can. Right now Kitty (big cat) is my modeling first priority.

Just work that I've done this evening. Much to do, but this is the hardest part really. Want to do this one as a pure morph from Dusk.


Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
HOT DAMN!!! That's looking like a super morph for Dusk. You do amazing things Chris, and I so envy your modeling abilities. ;)


HW3D President
Staff member
Thanks kind folks. Starting some times is the hard part to want to show the early stages. But I believe it will only get better from here.

So excited about this morph.


Dances with Bees
HW Honey Bear
WOW WOW WOW!!! I'm so "on board" with ANYTHING you create, Chris... this is fantastic.... The mapping will be a challenge, though... how to make him look hairy?


they seem to have hair that stands up on the head.... been watching Ken's Kiwi way of getting "fluff"....and wondering if this is a way to get "hair" on dogs, cats, etc... a model with no need for dynamic hair or DS hair?

Still... This gorilla will go in my cart and join my runtime, regardless!

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
That's a great reference image Lyne. I wouldn't mind hair like that for Kong the Gorilla. ;)


The Wicked Witch of the North
As usual, in awe of your modelling skills, Chris. Kong is going to be a king!


One Busy Little Bee
Contributing Artist
Oooh a morph for Dusk, love that idea. Truly I do.

When you're done monkeying around with him I look forward to my chance to do the same.