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RELEASED Hivewire Big Cat Has Begun!

Ken Gilliland

HW3D Exclusive Artist
Yes, as said by Alisa. Hang in and hang on.

I have challenges with depression and anxiety, and over the last several years it seems to be getting worse. Sometimes it's all I can do to just get thru a day. One day at a time. I do have hope that things can improve over time. So I hope in hope. I know I have family and a few friends that care, and luckily that is manifested regularly.

I share this because, whatever you're going thru or dealing with, you have friends, and a good many of them are here for you, and will support the best we can.

So, I encourage you to push on and continue to develop your talents and abilities. I always feel better when I'm creating something, like morphing animals or painting watercolors.
I agree entirely with Chris... Art is the keystone that gets me through the toughest of days. I draw or paint my troubles into the work and letting the finished art carry them for me-- just as Dorian Gray did with age.

Kage, you should consider getting that lion... the model and maps are soooooo good. The few simple renders I've done with it are simply jaw dropping.


Hi, I have the Hivewire Big Cat but cant seem to find a Tiger texture for it.
Does Hivewire have a Tiger in their store or do they not have one yet?


HW3D QAV Queen Bee
Staff member
Hi, Digitell - I moved your post to this thread. No Tiger yet, but it's one that will be done :)


Being I didn't go through all the previous posts, I don't know if this question has been asked before.

Are the tiger and/or cheetah models/morphs bing developed for the Big Cat? I really like the modelling and rigging of the bigcatand want/need thea above mentioned species, especially the tiger.

Thanks again for such a great model.