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Building my portfolio


HW3D Exclusive Artist
Simply fabulous Dan! Totally reminds me of my time diving in the Great Barrier reef. (though I don't look anything like a mermaid:)


Thank you kindly everyone, I had a lot of fun creating that image. I am really glad you like it so much.:thankyou:


HW3D Vice President & Queen Bee
Staff member
What an inspiring thread! I don't know how I have missed it for so long. @Dan30 your artwork is stunning! Thank you for sharing your portfolio with us here at the Hive. I am looking forward to seeing what else you create!


My submission for the 12th Annual Open Rendering Season Contest 2018. Unlike last year, this render I wanted to be a harsh reminder of the tragedy caused to the marine environment and its wildlife by our mindless and irresponsible garbage pollution, especially plastic pollution. It is not meant to be a nice image, but a close depiction of a sad reality of our days.
I named it "Surviving the Garbage Tide" I hope this will inspire other contest participants in making more meaningful and on the environment protection topic renders. Here it is:


great render... is that a morphing net?

and where did you get it from.. been looking for a good one for ages or did you model it?


Contributing Artist
wow Dan, that's awesome (and kinda on the same wavelength as the one I just finished rendering, now I don't think I'll submit it)


Thank you so much, I've been having an overwhelmingly positive response for my image. Surely, it has to do with the message I am trying to reiterate. And I am quite glad it did, showing once more how much conveying a good, strong idea matters in art.
I look forward to see what will other contest participants come up with.


Thank you kindly Pen. Glad to see my progress is noticed and is not just in my imagination.:thankyou: Still a long way to go...