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  1. Ken1171

    How do I rig boots created with the feet posed in DS?

    How do I rig boots created with the feet posed in DS? I have this pair of G3F boots I have reshaped to fit G8F, but they were modeled with the feet posed. How do I rig boots created with the feet posed in DS? I have tried 3 different approaches, but none has worked so far. Like in most puzzles...
  2. Ken1171

    Fun with Body Scaling!

    When you think of Poser dials, the first things that come to mind are either posing or morphing - but wait - there is more! One of the most underused features in Poser/DS is body scaling. In simple words, just get a figure with no morphs, and select a body group and play with the scale, scaleX...
  3. ibr_remote

    Generating and using FBX characters in Poser Pro 11

    (cross-posted at Renderosity Poser forums as well) I have a thread going at the Official Poser Forum which provides some tips and pointers about generating and using FBX file format rigged and posable figures in Poser Pro 11. refresher in case anyone wants to use FBX figures in Poser P11 I...
  4. Ken1171

    EZPose Underground Scaling Issues

    I have rigged a tail in Poser, and added ERC posing controls using EZPose Underground. Everything works fine, except for the ScaleAll and ScaleZ dials. Whenever I use any of the cascading scaling options, the joints loose curvature as can be seen below. I have tried adjusting the Smooth...
  5. ibr_remote

    My original 3D Figure with BVH motion

    This is an original figure I rigged using Poser Pro 11. I generated the geometry using design Doll, and cleaned up the mesh using Shade3D. I applied one of PoserMocap's Office Moves BVH to it, and am rather pleased with the result. I model his hair scalp piece, t-shirt and pants using Shade3D...
  6. Gadget Girl

    Grouping in DS and trouble with .cr2 export

    So I'm trying to convert a DS item to Poser, and I'm having issues. I think it has to do with grouping in DS, but I'm not sure. So here's what's happening: I can't get the the item to export correctly as a .cr2. When I open the exported .cr2 in Poser, I don't get any geometry. The rig has come...
  7. Gadget Girl

    AutoGroup Editor? Will it do what I need?

    So I've been struggling with an outfit I'm making for Zan/Taji because it's a lot of trouble to group, and I'm wondering if AutoGroup Editor will do what I want (don't own it yet, but I'd happily buy it if it does). My big concern is so far I haven't been able to watch it's demo video, the link...
  8. Gadget Girl

    Help with poser magnets

    So I understand the basics of magnets, and I've found a lot of tutorials that go over these basics, but now I'm having trouble putting all the stuff in my brain together to make them useful. Here's what I'm doing (or trying to do): I have these leggings I've made, which are fully rigged, but...