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Generating and using FBX characters in Poser Pro 11


(cross-posted at Renderosity Poser forums as well)

I have a thread going at the Official Poser Forum which provides some tips and pointers about generating and using FBX file format rigged and posable figures in Poser Pro 11.

refresher in case anyone wants to use FBX figures in Poser P11

I include mention of Autodesk Character Generator and Adobe Fuse CC / Mixamo online, as generative sources of FBX characters.

(If there is any interest, I will also mention my dabbling in output from Manuel Bastioni Labs' human figures and their eventual use in Poser Pro 11. - but that's a very painful journey for an amateur/hobbyist like me.)

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Any figure you export from Poser or DS as fbx!
Very true Rob, as I exported a Genesis 1/Vicky5 character from DS4.0 Pro last night, and imported into PP11. The only thing I'd suggest is to check the option to include the character's textures in a separate folder. Also, as Rob had suggested to me on the SM Poser forum, try exporting a CR2, because the FBX import will need to be rigged. I'm about to try that shortly.

I'm still playing with her skin textures, as they previewed fine initially, but wound up rendering her as a metal robot alien. ~rolf~ I played some with the textures, and am not altogether happy with the final result I wound up with last night, because they were created for DS, and not Poser, but hey . . . it's a start. The hair is a V4 hair which I was happy to discover happens to have a V5 fit. The dress is a V4 dress, but it doesn't fit . . . yet. :sneaky:



Kizuna Ai, virtual youtuber personality, brought into Poser Pro 11 as an FBX.

She is available at her official website [Kizuna AI Official Website](link url)

You need to import the PMX in Blender3D, then export as an FBX. She imports into Poser rotated +90 along the x-axis. Please adjust that. You also need to adjust her eye highlight transperency to value=1 in Poser Material Room. (Knowing how to read a little bit of Japanese helps - or ask a friend who can !)


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