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  1. Night Sky

    Night Sky

    Testing for Mininessis up-coming Anthro pack of poses. These poses are awesome!
  2. Posers


    Testing for Mininessis up-coming Anthro pack of poses. These poses are awesome!
  3. Shy Greeting

    Shy Greeting

    Testing for Mininessis up-coming Anthro pack of poses. These poses are awesome!
  4. Comfort from a Friend

    Comfort from a Friend

    Testing for Mininessis up-coming Anthro pack of poses. These poses are awesome!
  5. mininessie

    Trick for ground poses

    well...posing in the ground can be a real pain in poser...since in DS you have the ground line showing permantly in the right,left,front and back cameras ,in poser you need the ground selected to show the line...this make so difficult to move the part of the body you want to touch the ground...
  6. mininessie

    need to test anthro poses for Big Dog (filled thanks)

    need a poser one and a Ds one please!
  7. mininessie

    RELEASED Anthro poses for HW Big dog and cat WIP

    working on a set of fun and not doggie poses for the dog...i will try them too for the cat...i started for a couple ...but surely the other ones will be more for one dog only...perhaps one more with two dogs...i will see :laugh: here a quick render...the first pose is a "proposal" one :giggle:
  8. D

    Testers Needed For Dusk Soccer Poses

    I need a few tester's for a set of Poses for Dusk/DuskSE themed around Soccer. Tester Requirements: Poser 10/2014 or later Dusk or DuskSE from Hivewire3D STZ Beach Stadium 2 by Santuziy78 (Renderosity) Experience as a product tester is preferred. This testing package has lots of full...
  9. Crane Dance

    Crane Dance

    Lisa's Botanicals Tulips, Gothic Textures, Gen 3 Poses Pommerlis
  10. Ken1171

    RELEASED Savage Value Stack for Dawn

    I am pleased to announce my first joint venture with other HW CAs. @Art_of_Mind and I have joined forces to create something unique for Dawn, and invited @Rae134 and @KageRyu to create support products. The four of us have created the following: 1. Zariyah character: AOM created the character...
  11. Jayne Wilson

    Poses for Songbird Remix

    Hi all. Just a quick question and apologies if this has been asked before, or this is posted in the wrong place. I've had the Songbird Remix for ages but haven't used it in a long time. I had an idea for a render today, and while I was able to locate the different characters, ie. the red...
  12. Alisa

    BETA TESTING - IMPORTANT for all Beta Test AND CA's to read!!

    You've signed on to help a CA do their beta testing - HOORAY, and THANK YOU!! The QAV team has gathered some info to help you help them, and therefore, help us! SOME BASIC THINGS TO KNOW: 1-You need to own the product you are testing and all required products. If you don't have all of them...
  13. Braided2


  14. Braided


  15. Show Off

    Show Off

    some of Daio's new poses for Harry (they are divine!)
  16. Show Off Portrait

    Show Off Portrait

  17. pommerlis

    Poser Cute Moves the Wings 2016-03-06

    These are 6 poses for the DarkHeaven Wings by Fabiana, included are of course a Default pose and Instructions, so you can re-create the 6 little Cherubs sitting next to each other. This set is meant as a free add on to my CuteMoves for BabyLuna set, as to complete the Bonus material. In order to...
  18. LoraLy

    Stop by the Island!

    Needing poses for Dawn and Dusk? Islandgirl has got you covered! Just released are pose packs that were previously sold at RDNA! IGD Chair Time For Dawn Poses - An islandgirl Creation IGD Dawn of the Dead Poses - An islandgirl Creation IGD Breaking Dawn Poses - An islandgirl Creation...
  19. skylab

    SKYLAB Free Stuff

    I'll be posting links here to my free stuff at ShareCG. I've just begun doing a few DAZ Studio 4 poses in addition to the Poser content, so in order to keep things organized, I'll be uploading to two different accounts, according to type. Poser content: ShareCG - skylab's Gallery DAZ Studio...
  20. SF-Design

    SF-Design's New Product Releases

    VISIT MY H3D STORE Have a look at my latest release here on H3D Product Page