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Poses for Songbird Remix

Jayne Wilson

Hi all. Just a quick question and apologies if this has been asked before, or this is posted in the wrong place.

I've had the Songbird Remix for ages but haven't used it in a long time. I had an idea for a render today, and while I was able to locate the different characters, ie. the red cardinal, I can't find the poses - flying, perching etc. for it.

I did find separate folders with owl and hummingbird poses, but I purchased those packs separately.

Can someone put me out of my misery and let me know where the poses should be? I'm using DAZ 4.9

Thanks in advance.


Contributing Artist
Hey Jayne,

Have you looked under Poser Files in Poses? Unless you categorise them yourself that is where they are most likely to show up. Songbird remix has been around for ages and back when it was released they would have just done pz2 files as dufs didn't exist back then.

Just checked and there are poses there...Poser Formats/Pose/SongbirdRemix/SBRM Poses

Jayne Wilson

That's where I thought they would be, but they aren't. Hmmmm what did I do with them???

Thanks for the response. I'll keep looking.


Dances with Bees
Contributing Artist
Download the files again and unzip them in a desktop folder...then look there to find the path... Or to place them where you want.