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Revenge MKII Class Escort Carrier
The E.O.C.S. Retribution, a Revenge MKII Class Escort Carrier
20 Quad Barreled 55mm Anti-Air Point Defense Turrets
2 Dual 22inch Close Range Impact Cannon Turrets
2 Pylon mounted MK III Fusion Lances
4 Ballistic Missile/Torpedo Tubes with Unknown Payload
1 Full Wing (16) Aerospace Combat Craft Deployable rapidly in 2 waves of 8
Unspecified Capacity for Battle Satellites (Classified)
Unspecified Specialized Combat and Multi Role Craft (Classified)
Unspecified Combat A.P.U.s and Personnel

Revenge Class MK. I Fast Strike Carriers (Revenge, Renegade, Rancor, Rebel, Reprimand)
Revenge Class Mk. III Mobile Fleet Carrier (Recalcitrance, Remington, Redemption, Renoun, Resolute)
Revenge Class Mk. IV Special Operations Carrier (Rakshasi, Revenant, Raif, Reaver, Rogue, Ravager)
180 Officers, Crew, and Gunnery personnel operating in three shifts, plus 2 full platoons (50 men) of Colonial Marines as ships security, and another 32 Flight Officers for aerospace craft. The Crew are assigned two in a room, in bunked billets resembling a college dorm room. Each room has a single closet that must be shared, and enough space for each crew member to also have a single foot locker of personal items and belongings. Each room also has a single wash closet which is shared. The overall layout of the State rooms are like dormitory blocks, with a number of rooms in each block sharing public showers and a physical recreation room. A single large cafeteria on each deck serves all of the blocks on a given deck, and doubles as the recreation room or social room when not serving meals. The officers quarters are larger, with independent, private lavatories. There is also a separate Officers mess, recreation room, and small weight room. The billets of the on-board marines is much different, with the marines being housed in large group rooms more reminiscent of a cargo bay lined with double-decker bunks. Each such bay houses 10 men, with each man being allotted a single footlocker of space for personal effects. Each of these bays also has a group lavatory and shower, as well as a weight training space and lockers and equipment racks at the far ends. The marines weapons are stored in Weapons lockers in the bays, with the officers and Non-commissioned Officers having proper clearance codes to access for rapid deployment if necessary. The Vessel also maintains a PX and Commisary on the primary cargo and munitions deck that is accessible to all crew. The Revenge Class carrier has two primary launch decks, each with a sizable flight bay to maintain and service the Aircraft Assigned to it. These Flight service bays are broken into eight service cubicles in the rear with a main service floor that leads to the 4 launch rubes on that deck. A pair of munitions and cargo elevators in the center of the main service floor leads to the lower decks and the armory and is used to bring up parts and munitions to prep fighters for combat. Each fighter has it's own service cubicle. Additionally the Revenge Class has a larger secondary flight deck that houses not only machine and fabrication shops for service and repairs, but secondary flight craft such as shuttles, combat A.P.U.s, Battle Satelites, and strategic strike craft (orbital bombers). Several large independantly pressurized cargo elevators lead from the secondary flight bay to the fore deck of the vessel and are used to raise the secondary craft for launch or to load and unload large cargo payloads rapidly. The exact composition and loadout is often rotated based on specific mission parameters, but a mixed load might include 2 bombers, 2-4 shuttles, and 2 dozen combat A.P.U.s. On average a Revenge Class also maintains a compliment of nearly 2 dozen Utility A.P.U.s for maintenance, repair, and cargo handling.

The Revenge Series of Escort Carriers was already a unique lineage and a significant divergence from classic E.O.C. Carrier design concepts. Following in the wake of the Corporate Insurrections the E.O.C. charged with policing and maintaining the vast expanse of Human Interstellar colonization envisioned faster task force ships able to respond rapidly and bring to bear the capacity for firepower and support of small battle-groups. The Revenge series was more of a hybrid of ships, not carrying as many fighters as a full carrier, but armed with weapons and munitions comparable to a frigate or light cruiser and support capabilities of fleet repair vessels. The E.O.C. very much wanted a ship that could operate independently of a battle-group or support fleet, or be used to anchor or lead a small task force - a ship able to deliver the pinpoint finesse of aerospace support or bombers as well as the long range bombardment ability of destroyers. The E.O.C. vary much wanted a capable multi-role warship that would be a respected threat alone, and a menace when in groups. For this, the Revenge class was born.
The Retribution is the first of the MK.II generation of Revenge class escort carriers. When she was initially laid down for construction the line was dubbed the Retribution class due to the changes made from the Revenge, but following the heroic sacrifices of the crew of the Revenge the line was re-classed as the Revenge Class MK II. As with the previous generation, the core design was intended as a fast strike platform, capable of atmospheric entry and aquatic landings. At it's heart the class is a hybrid of carrier and frigate. The Retribution's lineage focused more on close in support and improved anti-fighter defensive capabilities. This was perhaps due to the increased border conflicts among colonial worlds and heightened piracy and threats from Raiders and Scavengers. The Retribution spent much of her early career on outer colonial patrols and policing duties.
During Corporate Insurrections, the Earth Occupational Confederation realized a need for smaller and faster strike fleets that could move rapidly from world to world, yet still bring superior force to bear. At the heart of these forces the E.O.C. envisioned a carrier force, capable of multi-role combat. Given the larger carriers and super-carriers required massive support fleets and supply ships, and were slow to move as a result, the E.O.C. set out to design a smaller "Strike Carrier". These new strike carriers were to be hybrids between carrier and cruiser, wielding sufficient firepower to be a threat themselves, yet carrying aerospace squadrons into the battle to extend their range and flexibility. The first of these new carriers, the Revenge, was completed and assigned to head the 308th Autonomous battle-group. With overall mass comparable to a cruiser, the Revenge carried 1 full squadron of Aerospace craft (16), and numerous support craft. In addition, the Revenge had numerous weapons systems, including 8 inch mass drivers, ship to ship missiles, and a vast network of 88mm Flak Cannons, making it as heavily gunned as a frigate. The design, originally intended to be mass produced, would see constant revisions in it's lifespan, and across the 50+ ships of it's lineage. The Retribution, for example, replaces the the ship to ship missiles and 8 inch mass drivers with much heavier 22 inch snubbed mass drivers, as well as increased capacitors and reactors for it's twin fusion lances. The Retribution is home to the Angels of Death Aerospace squadron, ranked as elite. The Retribution has seen significant action in it's service life, and was present at the battle of Darfauling - where the original Revenge was destroyed.
Though the Retribution tried to reach the Revenge at Darfauling, The E.O.C. forces faced extensive aerospace fighter resistance. The Retribution became engaged in close quarters with the "Icons" the Kro' were using to mount the defense (hollowed out, mobile, asteroid based fortresses). The swarms of Kro' fighters were too vast for even the Artemis Gunships attached to the battle-group to mount an effective screen against. The Retribution moved in to bring the 22 inch mass drivers to bear in an effort to smash the Icons, while the Revenge, Renegade, Retaliator, and Rebuke supported the destroyers and frigates in engaging the Kro' Terror Ships (Heavy Battlecruisers). The Quad Barreled 55mm anti aircraft system on the Retribution proved far more effective at putting up a web of anti-fighter fire, though the Retribution still took significant damage. The Retribution was able to inflict crippling damage on two of the Icons and reduce the third to a debris field, which when coupled with the damage and losses to the Kro' capital ships resulted in the Kro' withdrawing. The Retribution and her two sister ships, the Retaliator and Rebuke, came out the least for wear, and while the Revenge's sister ship, the Renegade, survived the battle, she suffered significant damage and was mothballed after failed attempts to refit her. The Revenge was lost with all hands, and it is said by survivors of the battle she went in a blaze of glory, her battle hardened crew defiant to the last, making no effort to withdraw or disengage and instead intentionally placing herself in the line of fire to shield other vessels in the battle-group.

Here's the latest WIP shots of the Light carrier and it's markings. Compiled and kitbashed entirely in Poser 7 Pro. This kit makes extensive us of numerous of the Construction Sets by Davo from Powerfusion 3D now at CGBytes, including G.V.C.S. Core and Artillery, F.V.C.S., M.C.V., some elements from Sci-Fi Construction Set, and some free elements from the Powerfusion website. These test shots are using slightly modified default lights in Poser Pro 7 with raytrace and shadows. All of the markings and logos are applied using the Decal/Tattoo method for Poser 5+ covered in numerous tutorials and forum threads. The avenging angel was created and rendered in a separate document, and then turned into the wing emblem - she features almost exclusively Aery Soul costume and hair elements mixed from several sets. This was among my first extensive kitbash using the G.V.C.S./F.V.C.S. sets and was begun and mainly undertaken on an 833mghz Celeron and brought that machine to it's knees. At the time I had to cut many corners and down sample all of the textures just to complete it, and I have always felt it was slightly unfinished. I may revisit it to make changes and add some details I had initially left out. I intend to redo the markings as I have learned a lot in Photoshop and I believe I can improve the look dramatically when I have time. I had begun work on the Bridge interior (always planned) and still need to build the Launch bay inserts and rails and add beacon lights to the launch doors. This saw it's beginnings in 2006. and completion around 2011 when I had moved to a 2.33ghz Celeron just before restarting my animation project and before my health took serious turns for the worse. It was a learning experience, and later complex builds would take far less time.

CREDITS: Davorama (a.k.a Davo, Beyondbent, Powerfusion3D, PoserFusion3D), All the great Kitbashers who have posted images of assemblies with Davo's sets that inspired me.
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