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Republic Assault Frigate
Corporate Assault Frigate
5 Twin Mounted, 88mm Mass Drivers.
14 Turrets of Twin 145 mm (Approx. 6 Inch) Stabilized Cannons
Undisclosed Quantity Capital Ship to Ship Thermonuclear Missiles
Additional Mission Specific Armament.
** An Axial Fusion Lance was Verified as Deployed on at least 1 vessel
16 Snub Fighters in Dorsal Bays on Some Models.
72 Combat A.P.U.s
Up to 450 Crew and Passengers(231 officers and gunnery personnel operating in 3 shifts), or 525 on variant models of the ship..
The Nebulon Drive Yards Assault class frigate is really more of a frigate than it's predecessor, the Republic Class - though still often accused of being an armed star liner. The Crew and Passenger compartments are really more akin to plush state rooms, with the interior halls having more the feel of a cruise ship than a military vessel. The hallways are many of the earlier production runs of these vessels are often well carpeted and paneled with ambient mood lighting to give a relaxing setting - sometimes even with wall mounted plant holders and fish tanks. They were the hallmark of corporate luxury as well as the sign of corporate private military might. On the more prominent upper decks, each stateroom had it's own shower and lavatory facilities, and some even had there own kitchenette. Each upper deck had a small, dedicated kitchen for room service and private meals, with a grand master dining room on the primary deck. A few of the Suites on the executive deck went so far as to have hot tubs. The recreational deck sported a fully equipped gymnasium, pool, weight room, several small cinemas, and other entertainment venues that often varied from ship to ship and were often rented space to various merchant or shopping consortiums. There were, of course, lower, less plushly accommodated decks for crew, hired hands, and staff, with rooms laid out like dormitory blocks with Crew are assigned two in a state room, in bunked billets, with a number of rooms in each block sharing a public restroom and showers. Each block has it's own small kitchenette for the preparation of small meals and snacks, with a larger cafeteria on each deck to serve the entire deck. The Republic class also maintained Flight Decks and hanger capabilities for it's own assigned group of Snub Fighters, as well as Shuttle craft, Launches, and Combat A.P.U.s close quarters, ship to ship combat and boarding operations, as well as maintenance and cargo A.P.U.s. Typically the Republic hosts 2 shuttles and 6 ten man launches, as well as 10 snub fighters. The Hanger and flight decks are often the most cramped part of the vessel, but are serviceable.

The Republic Assault Frigate was the corporate primary heavy warship prior to the outbreak of the insurrections. While a handful of Cruisers were in corporate service, those were usually reserved for defense of critically important systems or bases, and often the firepower of a cruiser was overkill against groups of raiders and pirates. Still, the corporations sometimes found their vaunted frigates outgunned by mercenary and raider groups, and the occasional if rare encounter with alien entities demanded a ship with sufficient staying power. Where the Republic was meant to be the symbol of corporate power and wealth, an Assault Frigate and it's accompanying flotilla of gunships and corvettes was the sign of undisputed corporate authority. The Assault Frigates were far more armored than their lighter cousins, and mounted a wider array of firepower and combat systems. Easily comparable to heavy cruisers in terms of size, and with firepower comparable to a cruiser, they were still far less durable. As with the Republic class, the Assault Frigate had dorsal and ventral fins - The foreward fin housing a powerful sensory and electronics bay for extended range and hyper-pulse communication and detection, while the ventral and dorsal rear fins house a vast array of heat exchangers and auxiliary reactors to bolster power.
After the outbreak of the corporate insurrections, losses to the corporate fleets were heavy as a result of their lighter armor, and the numerical advantage was quickly lost. The corporations needed to press ships into service at a much more rapid and cost effective pace. Second and third generation Republic class frigates often had a lot of corners cut to meet deadlines, and started to resemble proper warships inside - losing the plushly carpeted and decorated hallways and living suites, and often times not even having completely paneled over walls or conduits. As a result, this makes the few surviving first generation Republics a historic find, though often those that survive bear the stains and scars of battle on their once plush interiors.
The Republic series was produced in far to vast numbers to adequately track or report all of it's variants or offspring. Not only did it serve as the backbone of numerous corporate fleets before and during the corporate insurrections, many were sold at significant markup to planetary militias, independent nations, and freelancers. Productions of the Republic and knock offs of the design have continued even to date. These ships have become a common sight in the black.

CREDITS: Davorama (a.k.a Davo, Beyondbent, Powerfusion3D, PoserFusion3D), All the great Kitbashers who have posted images of assemblies with Davo's sets that inspired me.
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