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Freerunner Corvette
A small and fast escort vessel in civilian, corporate, and planetary defense force use.
3 Twin Mounted, 8 inch Mass Drivers.
Possible Snub Fighters on some Variants(?)
The Freerunner class of Corvette's has far too many variations and refits to list or track.
Up to 170 depending on configuration and role (35 officers and gunnery personnel). Only 90 Total crew and passengers in it's basic configuration.
The Crew accommodations on the Freeruner class of ships are considered plush for a warship, with each crewman getting his own state room. The overall layout of the State rooms are like dormitory blocks, with a number of rooms in each block sharing a public restroom and showers. Each block has it's own small kitchenette for the preparation of small meals and snacks, with a larger cafeteria on each deck to serve the entire deck. The officers quarters are larger, with independent, private lavatories. There is also a separate Officers mess, recreation room, and small weight room. The early models of FreeRunner Corvettes had no serviceable flight bays or accommodations for separate craft. Commonly, Shuttles and launches would hard dock to exterior airlocks to embark or debark crew or passengers, or transfer cargo - this made them particular vulnerable at these times. Later models of the FreeRunner Corvette expanded the hull while sacrificing cargo bays to add flight bay accommodations for a Shuttles and Launches. These bays were quite cramped compared to vessels designed with such features in mind, and while they could handle 3 shuttles in a bind, typically the space was used for a single shuttle or a pair of short range launches. The FreeRunner Corvette usually maintains a compliment a half dozen Utility A.P.U.s for repairs, maintenance, and cargo operations, and about a dozen Combat A.P.U.s for close quarters, ship to ship combat and boarding operations. A few specialized variations of the FreeRunner Corvette are rumored to replace the Shuttle and launches with a long range Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare craft, and have upgraded comm and control arrays to serve as scouts and pathfinders.

Though it has widespread production and service as an open market, armed, escort vessel in both the private and corporate sectors, and limited planetary militia use, the Free Runner is a failed attempt at warship engineering. Initially the Freerunner was an attempt by an aerospace engineering firm to strong-arm their way into the lucrative world of Capital Warship design and engineering. FreeRunner Aerospace had long been known for their high end pleasure craft, yachts, corvettes, and personal speedsters. As individual wealth diminished, so did sales of these once popular vessels, and with corporation militarizes and planetary defense forces accounting for more and more spending in the world of aerospace craft, FreeRunner retired their private lines and made the move to bid on military contracts. The resulting vessels are far more akin to armed pleasure cruisers - sporting fast engines, plushly decorated interiors, and many creature comforts a warship just wouldn't have. As a result of their basic failure to grasp subtle differences in ideology, the FreeRunner corporation lost almost every contract for military craft they bid on, usually after investing substantial amounts in design and construction of prototypes. Despite this, a few of their vessels found favor among wealthier corporation executives and planetary governors who expected exactly these sorts of creature comforts from a pleasure craft but also wanted the protection of a good weapons system as would be found on a warship. Soon the FreeRunner Corvette was as ubiquitous a sight in the black as private Leer jets once were on Old Earth. Any corporate executive, nobleman, governor, or up and comer with wealth practically owned or leased one of these vessels for all their travel needs.
The FreeRunner Corvette was one of the first armed, non-government owned starships to enter service following the establishment of off-world colonies, nearly 75 years before the Corporate Insurrections. These ships had already become a common sight in the black during the Binary war - and their onboard computer systems saw a complete overhaul to remove the advanced A.I. following the Binary Wars. In the nearly 200 years this vessel saw production it saw many design changes and modifications, and many entered and left service across Terran space. Though initially a sign of wealth and power, many that were scraped or lost have since been salvaged or repurposed, and have started showing up in mercenary companies, scrapper fleets, and among pirates. Though weak for a warship, these are still coveted for their speed. Because of their design they make great fast strike vessels, and hot and run raiders. Due to the sheer numbers of these that saw production, they will likely remain a common sight for decades to come despite the destruction of the FreeRunner shipyards facility at Falgraid. Some of these vessels in the hands of wealthy executives or planetary officials have seen significant upgrades to their comms, tracking, and weapons, and still serve in their intended roles.

CREDITS: Davorama (a.k.a Davo, Beyondbent, Powerfusion3D, PoserFusion3D), All the great Kitbashers who have posted images of assemblies with Davo's sets that inspired me.
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