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  1. Street Samurai

    Street Samurai

    A Warrior bound by honor in a lawless waste.
  2. Kodiak Class A.P.E. Promo2.jpg

    Kodiak Class A.P.E. Promo2.jpg

    K Class Armored Personal Exoskeleton in Buldog Pattern Loadout
  3. Future Dawn 3 .jpg

    Future Dawn 3 .jpg

    Just playing around with my explorer storyline. Colonial Explorer Dawn with a Scanamajig ventures into alien caves/ruins.
  4. Brave New Dawn

    Brave New Dawn

    Dawn explores an alien world.
  5. Savage Girl(SM).jpg

    Savage Girl(SM).jpg

    A warrior of the wolf clan explores ancient ruins.
  6. TrainingDay.jpg


    The Hivewire All-Pro Beach Soccer team gets in some practice for the quarter-finals.
  7. D

    KageRyu's Community Gifts

    I had thought I already started a thread like this, but since I am unable to find it, here it is. I just added a set of poses for Dawn for Summoner's Witch's Broom that can be used for the dramatic or whimsical alike. They can be found at these links: Witch's Dawn - Poser - ShareCG Witch's...
  8. Alisa

    Oh, SuzyQ 2, oh, we love you, and The Dude 2

    HiveWire welcomes SuzyQ 2 and The Dude 2 to their new home! Formerly at Runtime DNA, Suzy Q 2 and The Dude 2 are now exclusively at HiveWire 3D :) Welcome these products: From Tate & Netherworks Studio CA's Product Threads: Tate products at HIVEWIRE Netherworks Products at HiveWire 3D SuzyQ...
  9. D

    Poser & DS Holiday Gift Bags 2016-12-18

    I am re-realeasing these for Christmas: A set of Christmas themed textures for the RuntimeDNA Halloween Candy Bag from 2013 or the 2013 Disturbia Christmas Gift Bags. While these two candy bags were once free at RuntimeDNA I have no idea what became of them. These textures I previously offered...
  10. D

    Phantasy Mün

    "It started as such things often do. Seemingly small, almost insignificant, a simple and inconspicuous thing. It was as the slightest hint of a foul odor wafting in on the warm summer's breeze, marking the end of better days and the encroaching chill of autumn. Nothing then that would bring...