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  1. Future Dawn 3 .jpg

    Future Dawn 3 .jpg

    Just playing around with my explorer storyline. Colonial Explorer Dawn with a Scanamajig ventures into alien caves/ruins.
  2. Techno Wizard Weapons

    Techno Wizard Weapons

    Techno Wizard Weapons-SilentWinter
  3. Rafaela


    TDT-Rafaela for G8F by Deva3D
  4. Syph And Bodysuit

    Syph And Bodysuit

    Syph and Bodysuit for G8F by Marcius
  5. Ripley


  6. The Specimen

    The Specimen

    New fly from AM
  7. The Arrest

    The Arrest

    G3F has been naughty, Dawn is taking her to booking.
  8. The Clones

    The Clones

    Cyborg Sora
  9. Alien Slime

    Alien Slime

    Dusk and a couple of friends
  10. Did You Hear Something?

    Did You Hear Something?

  11. The Red Shirt

    The Red Shirt

    Its always the Red Shirt that gets it. Ruckus with Gorilla texture and Warewolf morph.
  12. Renegades3-resized


    My steampunk variant of the Defiant bridge.
  13. All Is Lost2-sm

    All Is Lost2-sm

  14. seachnasaigh

    Poser Superfly adaptation of Stonemason's Level 19 & cargo bay doors P11+

    This pack contains Superfly adaptations of Stonemason's "Level 019", "cargo bay doors", and the elevator/shaft (available at DAZ). It also adds a few new pieces. This pack is intended for use with the Superfly render engine of Poser 11 or later. I used 64 pixel samples; this would...
  15. Sci Fi Gate Jumper

    Sci Fi Gate Jumper

  16. Guardian


  17. Captor


  18. OrbotNewsLetter


  19. OrbotHomeAd


  20. SSHomeBanner