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What Is Your Favorite TV Show?

Discussion in 'The Meadow' started by Lyne, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. eclark1894

    eclark1894 Distinguished

    A record is short for "recording", much the same as TV is short for "TeleVision".

    A record is the predecessor of the compact disc or "CD". While the CD is a technological advancement of the record, they pretty much do the same thing, reproduce sound.
  2. Satira Capriccio

    Satira Capriccio Distinguished CV-BEE Contributing Artist

    Records were round vinyl (as of WWII) disks inscribed with a spiral grove. They were the primary medium for recording music from the 1880s until the late 1990s, when they were largely replaced by CDs. They were primarily available in two sizes (though not exclusively). The small records were called 45s, and had one song on one side, another on the flip side.

    The large ones (as in the photo below) contained an entire album.



    If you've never listened to a vinyl record ... you've never truly lived.
  3. eclark1894

    eclark1894 Distinguished

    As Satira points out the small records were called 45s. The larger 0nes were call Lps or 33 1/3. The numbers stood for the speed at which you set the recordplayer to play them back. Set the speed too high and everyone sounded like Alvin and the Chipmunks. Too slow and they sounded like Darth Vader in slow motion.
  4. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    Don't laugh, I still have a large selection of vinyl records, though I haven't played them in years.
  5. I still have all my vinyls and a player attached to the pc, so that I can digitalize them or just play them.

    Actually there are more vinyl records pressed nowadays than a few years ago. Seems a new generation discovered vinyl and wants todays music on that medium.
  6. eclark1894

    eclark1894 Distinguished

  7. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    WOW, now there's a name I haven't heard in a very long time.
  8. Janet

    Janet Extraordinary Contributing Artist

    I have Amazon prime which includes a lot of free tv shows. Yesterday I got an email from amazon announcing a new BBC show called A Very British Scandal. So I had to watch it. Hugh Grant, and a younger actor I had never seen before but who was absolutely Amazing, Ben Whishaw. It's about a scandal in the 70's involving a British politician. The British have a way of mixing comedy and tragedy into one and this show was no exception. I loved it!
  9. Faery_Light

    Faery_Light Dances with Bees Contributing Artist

    I have Amazon Prime and sometimes watch show on it.
    But my main one is Netflix.
    As for which is my favorite, hmmm, I like a variety so no real favorite.
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  10. Lyne

    Lyne Dances with Bees HW Honey Bear

    clowns scare me... nuff said.

    I'm re-watching all the seasons of CASTLE on DVD...while there is a DVD dry spell...
    thank goodness Netflix is putting many of their shows on DVD too...Just got the final season of LONGMIRE... SUCH A GREAT SHOW!!

    I did get a new flat screen cause mine was dying, and my son got me a new huge 3 tier stand for it, that allows my flat screen to SWIVEL!!! So I turn it to see when I am working in the kitchen, and back toward my little couch where I sit and watch... such a nice thing to have in the face of my plumbing travails!!

    I plan on watching FIREFLY on DVD (cause on DVD the "missing" episodes are there) to follow watching Castle... Nathan Fillion is a cutie!
  11. Janet

    Janet Extraordinary Contributing Artist

    Oh I love Firefly! Totally agree about Nathan Fillion.
  12. Lorraine

    Lorraine The Wicked Witch of the North CV-BEE

    Watched my first tv since forever last night...Mrs Bradbury's Mysteries (Diana Rigg looking stately) and Midsommer Murders (with a new Mr and Mrs Barnaby which confused the hell out of me). I do like a nice English whodunnit.
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  13. Pendraia

    Pendraia Seasoned Contributing Artist

    Me too! Ive been watching Father Brown on Stan while I've been sewing.
  14. Hornet3d

    Hornet3d Distinguished

    I still have a hundred or so LPs and about the same number of 45s while somewhere in the family is my father's collections of 78s. I still have a fairly expensive deck called a Systemdek but it probably needs and new belt and needle. A year or so ago I purchased another deck that has a USB port so I can digitise to a USB stick. I prefer this to connecting to my PC as that is often hard at work with a render. I do still occasionally listen to the LPs but I do miss the ability to easily skip the a track that I don't like much buried in amongst a lot of tracks I do like. Despite that, and the revived interest in LPs mine are not going anywhere.
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  15. Satira Capriccio

    Satira Capriccio Distinguished CV-BEE Contributing Artist

    I love Midsomer Murders, but I far prefer DCI Tom Barnaby, Joyce Barnaby, and Cully. DCI John is ok. But, I've not at all been able to take to his wife Sarah Barnaby.

    I was sad to see Sykes, but the real Sykes retired.

    I like Father Brown too.
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  16. Hornet3d

    Hornet3d Distinguished

    Favorite TV show? Well I have a few, Star Trek, Lost in Space and Space 1999 are all in the list. I love good whodunnit so Midsommer Murders, and the dramatisation of Agatha Christie's Poirot and Miss Marple are something I can watch time and again, yes I remember the ending but the acting of David Suchet and Joan Hickson is a delight I never tire of. As a teenager I can remember staying up one night every week to watch the tales of Elliot Ness in the Untouchables.

    If I have to pick a favorite of all time though (remember I am in the UK) it would be the shows introduced by Edgar Lustgarten (which, as a 10 year old I thought was a brilliant name). Two such shows I do remember were Scotland Yard and the Scales of Justice. Both series dealt with reporting real crimes and were produced for the cinema in the 1960s and made in to the small screen ten years or so later.
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  17. Hornet3d

    Hornet3d Distinguished

    While I do watch the new versions I have to agree with you the original series with John Nettles playing Tom Barnaby is my favorite. He made the character so believable and, living as I do a short drive from many of the villages used for the filming I know they portrayed village life so well. Not so many murders of course but real life examples of some of the traits shown are easy to find in such villages. I particularly liked the way Barnaby
    dealt with people particularly the well off upper school.

    I miss Sykes, he was the best part of the new series but, in fairness, the original cast were a very hard act to follow.

    I will add another vote for Father Brown.
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  18. Satira Capriccio

    Satira Capriccio Distinguished CV-BEE Contributing Artist

    Oh gosh. I'm so envious of you! I love the villages in Midsomer Murders. The scenes I loved best were those at night though with the animal noises.

    I think the animal sounds that haunt me the most were owls, which I base purely on the owls in the background noise RPG Elements from the myNoise site, which features natural sounds recorded in the "wild." Best $5 I've ever spent. I listen to a custom setting which combines Anchored, which is a Wooden Sailboat and the both Owls and Nighttime (crickets, etc.) from RPG Elements. For June, he added Loon Calls, which was recorded in April 2018 during a field recording trip to the Black River in central Sweden. It features Loons, Divers, Northern Lapwings, Common Snipe Druming, Frogs, Wind, Water, and a canoe. Pretty cool too. Best part of his generators is that it's all natural sounds as I said. Second best part is that each of the elements are separated so you can adjust each to your preference.
  19. Hornet3d

    Hornet3d Distinguished

    Yes I do feel very lucky for although I live on the outskirts of a large town it is close to a motorway and the road links are very good. Many of the villages used were located around the Oxford area and some I believe in the Cotswolds both less that an hours drive away.

    I love Owls and one of my best memories was a night visit to a Falconry to see a display of Owls. About 40 of us sat there waiting for the display to start and we were asked over the speakers to stay as still as possible during the display. Seconds later a Owl flew inches above our heads at some speed but the most impressive part was it was deadly silent. The display continued in a similar vein for almost an hour and it was one the most thrilling and informative hours in my lifetime.
  20. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    OMG, Diana Rigg in the Avengers! One of my all-time favorite of her roles, was that of Emma Peel, with Patrick Macnee as John Steed. I loved watching that showing.

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