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What is Pommerlis up to? WIPs


Contributing Artist
I know I should still start a thread with my products that are allready in store but I have my hands full with all these fluttering cherubs in my runtime.
They won't leave me alone untill I tease you guys & dolls a bit.
See, I create my poses most of the time using a photograph as reference and I stumbled unto an image of these cute little cherubs the other day. So there I had my poses of sitting cherubs.


Six misschievous but cute little angels and then I figured, why not create these as they are. Or at least try to.
Once as I would normally save a pose and a bonus folder in wich the poses are fixed as the image shows.
I'm still working on that last part. I think I will take the Cherub on the left as the "Master" to wich all other would need to be parented to.

Anyway, don't they look cute?



Contributing Artist
Very cute!...those sitting poses would be good parials that you could add a variety of upper poses to.


Contributing Artist
Nothing works better the 6 AM, spouse either at work or in bed sleeping after a night shift and the dog snoring in her basket.
All the quiet in the world around me. Outside it's freezing so people do not go out unless they absolutely have to.
A thermos of coffee and I'm of working.

Three little celestial flutterbaby's are finished now.



Now it's 10:45 so I'm taking a break, maybe go out with the dog. Little Cherub number 4 is in the making though.
It's those hands & fingers, they never wish to pose how I want them to.......I have to leave it for a bit.


The Wicked Witch of the North
Cute! I know what you mean about the hands...and that can so make or break a natural looking render.


RETIRED HW3D QAV Director (QAV Queen Bee)
Staff member
Awesome - and you are so good at those little details!!


HW Honey Bear
I know you CAN'T do this... but sometimes with the whole hand, and even the forearm, I double click the dial, get the dial settings and "loosen" them, so I'm not so limited....I'm careful about how far I move the part, but it helps get the harder poses I am trying for....


Contributing Artist
I never knew how willfull 6 little cherubs could be. But I'm finally adding some finishing touches and get them ready for testing.
A bunch (I'm not saying how many) of poses and a group of little celestial flutterbabies as something extra.



And of course I couldn't leave it, I had to start my own piece of artwork with this lot. The only thing I'm a wondering about is what hair I will use