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What is Pommerlis up to? WIPs


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Great poses Pom...I really need to buy the dog! Just haven't been able to afford it yet as other stuff keeps coming up.


Dances with Bees
At our Summer Residence the wild life is all around us.

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Poses are looking great, Pom!

I know what you mean about the wildlife. I find myself staring out the window or sitting on the porch just watching all the activity in the yard.

I keep adding hummingbird feeders because we are just covered up with them this year. One day, I had 6 fighting over one feeder because the other feeders were empty. We normally are a way station for them headed north and one or two females stick around to build a nest. But, this year, many have stayed permanently. Just never went north.

My first one showed up in February and she built a nest nearby, clearly. Now her babies are at the feeder too - those are the only ones she allows to feed at HER feeder thank you very much. All others are run off in titan battles.

We have a juvenile Downy Woodpecker who is determined to figure out the suet feeder. Poor little guy tries so hard. He eventually gets there, but sometimes I'm tempted to go hang it on the tree. But the squirrels will eat all his suet if I do.

I finally stopped fighting the squirrels and chipmunks over the seed feeders and bought food just for them - they are seriously furry little pigs. But with their own feeder outside the fence safely away from the dogs, they leave the bird feeders alone. Of course, now they torture the dogs because they can see them and can't catch them. So the dogs and the furry creatures just torture each other.

Then there's the foxes in the meadow, the coyotes howling at night, the bunny rabbit that visits by the fence if we forget to throw the veggie and fruit food scraps out for her.

Like I said, I have to tear myself away to get anything else done.


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Contributing Artist
I might. But I'm working on the normal poses first.

@Glitterati3D I get what you are saying. I'm sitting outside getting ready to work and all these creatures distract me.
You have hummingbirds?!?? I'm so jealous. We have all sorts of finches but also birds of prey.
When I look out over the fields watching them glide the air is breathtaking.


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I know Pommie =) Just when you get a chance maybe take a look at them is all ! =) Really liking what you are doing btw!!

BTW we have a pet Deer! She comes and eats our pears that fall on the ground from our four trees! Pretty gentile too as she does not run when you go outside to admire her.


I keep adding hummingbird feeders because we are just covered up with them this year. One day, I had 6 fighting over one feeder because the other feeders were empty.
Hummingbirds are very hard to find here. I seen one in the Phoenix Park last year, but only for a couple of seconds before it flew away. I guess they are hard to take photos of as they move so fast.


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With all the trees in my area, it's not uncommon to look out my window and see a hawk circling over the trees. I keep thinking I should buy a pair of binoculars.
We have quite a few Red Tail hawks where I live. The oddest thing I have ever been witness to was that I was driving on our country road into town. The car in front of me ran over a huge snake and there was a hawk perched on a tree over the road and it swooped down and carried off the snake. However, the snake was dead as I am pretty sure it could not survive the hit it got with the car. Was rather odd to see the snake writhing around being carried off by the hawk, but stranger natural things I don't think I have ever seen. Other than the time a cardinal in mid flight ate a Lunar moth that I had just released from a jar after it metamorphosed. I rather felt sad for the moth, but ........... shrug it was a beautiful bird just a shame that it had to kill another beautiful creature to survive. Mother nature is such a fickle mistress sometimes ! It curries favor to those who might not deserve what they get out of life and destroys somethings are just minding their own business and deserve to live and love life just as much as the other ones.
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Getting back into Poser after my Diamond Painting project - still have one more to do though. I think I like those fantasy poses for Dawn & the Lion more and more. Searching for photo's that can serve as a reference I find out that lions don't do all that much but laying around all day LOL

So I'm taking my mind of the animals for a bit and focus on some daily life human activities. Bought the umbrella & the bicycle here in the store but I have started with Diva first.



The letter "L" is my own first and only attempt to model so don't even ask. Maybe, if I build up the confidence to release my alphabet as a freebie some day. But I did create the alphabet and poses for Kids4 to match them a long time ago.


Hugz Pommerlis


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Working on the set for Diva and I got myself some prezzies in the sale. One being a dragonbraid that I am trying to tame.
Plus Dawn has been bugging me that she wants to learn how to ride a bicycle and since she started, the whole family is nagging me. It's safe to say that when the inspiration hits you, it does so with a vengeance.
Tons of some great idea's,....I'm not giving everything away though.


Started with posing the braid....