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What is Pommerlis up to? WIPs


Wonder why no one is making partial poses of different body parts like hands, feet, face, eyes and fingers anymore? In this case, the ears. That was always one of the great things I liked about V4 and M4, that I believe Dawn and Dusk are missing.


Contributing Artist
I always try to include partial poses because my poses are quite detailed and as people sometimes like to create their own poses it is nice to have a detailed part to add.
Like for instance tails & ears for a dog in this case.
I will probably add seperate folders for those bodyparts with some extra partials for people to use.


I was out walking Dylan's dog Marley yesterday and I seen a woman with a French Bulldog. It looked like a big Pug, really cute and wrinkly. I wanted to rub him but Marley was snarling and growling at him and I couldn't go too close as I knew what would happen. Staffies don't like French Bulldogs apparently. Or Pugs, German Shepherds, Labradors, Jack Russles and the list of Marley's no likes gets longer by the week. :(


Busy Bee
Contributing Artist
Most of the local dogs here bark at the local French Bulldog, including our Whippet.