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What I worked on today


Thanks Miss B. It wasn't too bad, although a bit scary for a little while. It was mostly some Dads full of alcohol fueled courage which me and my friends avoided. We don't often get many consecutive hot weather days in Ireland and it makes some adults cranky. I am home safe now :)


Dances with Bees
Contributing Artist
We actually get a few of those around here but last year we were swamped by the ones that mimic them.
The pretender's bite can be pretty serious and make one very sick.

Your Ladybug is great, wish I could model like that. :)


Very well done! Your ladybird (bug) is beautiful.

When we were kids 900 yr ago, we used to sing the 'Ladybird Ladybird fly away home' version even though I was raised in a Midwestern town in Illinois. I never heard the one about flying away home cuz your house is burning and your children are gone. Yikes!! That's a pretty gruesome scenario!


Contributing Artist
Hey Bonnie! I wondered what happened to you. Good to see you and Happy New Year!


Hey Bonnie! I wondered what happened to you. Good to see you and Happy New Year!
Same here, I was getting concerned but glad to hear it is just hard work and that makes sense in your final year in school. Great to hear from you though and I hope the New Year is kind to you and everyone else here.