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What I worked on today


OMG I won the prize for modeling, I actually won! I never won anything ever before, but the Wacom Mobile studio pro 16" is all mine and I can hardly believe it!
I'm not long back from the college after the prize announcements and I'm getting changed and made up to rush out to a friends 18th party and I'm so excited about winning such a great and expensive prize. I was confident of winning after all the work and time I put in but was not really 100% sure of it because no matter how good we are there is always someone better than us.
I will really enjoy my friends party tonight. I am so excited, you just wouldn't believe how much!

Chat tomorrow, or probably Sunday. Thank you all for your support and encouragement!
I can only imagine your joy. Congratulations on this well deserved win. Hard work and dedication always pays off.


Contributing Artist
Very cool Bonnie...I used to have a lot of his brushes. Still haven't checked what I need to redownload as I lost a lot when my external hard drive died.

I also have Michael Dunham's brushes so I must check there to see what I have also...Haven't reinstalled that yet either.

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
That looks cool Bonnie, though here we call them ladybugs, but I just checked on Wikipedia, and they are the same species of insect.

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
I didn't realize there were specific numbered patterns either Bonnie, but red and black are my favorite colors, especially when used together. ;)


That truly is amazing work, I envy your obvious talents.

My muse has deserted me at the moment which considering all the TV over here is either football or tennis, neither of which I follow, is a real pain. Settling with a good book is difficult as it is so hot and difficult to get comfortable. With all that it is good to see someone not only with the ideas but the skill to turn them into something special. Well done.


Thanks Min and Hornet. :)

I'll probably do the renders tomorrow or Tuesday as I'm off to a barbecue now. Yeah I agree about the soccer Hornet, it's all over the TV at the moment, and I'm not all that fond of tennis either.


The barbecue wasn't fun for very long at all. A couple of the Dads were tanked up on beer and started fighting, so me and my friends left early and came home. We did manage to stuff ourselves with food and sweet stuff before the fight started.
Anyway, I am back home now and here is my interpretation of a ladybird after a few minutes cooking in Keyshot:



Everything (the ladybird and leaf) was done in ZBrush, sculpting, painting/texturing etc. Hairs with ZBrush fibermesh. The background is a forest image and lighting is an outdoor HDRI, rendering done in Keyshot.
I think I put about 15-20 hours total into this, but I'm not certain because like most of you I don't really keep proper track of the time I put into my projects. Searching up reference images probably took a few hours alone.

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