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What I worked on today


Do you rig, define materials, and render the animation in ZBrush? The movements are characteristically abrupt and mechanical.
I was pondering the effects: thruster flames, scan beams, weapon beams, etc.

Quick sampling of some of the Oblivion drone sequences

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="
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Dances with Bees
Might be better off doing the animation in Blender so you can do the particle effects when it's blowing up dust as it skims the ground.

@Bonnie2001 you should use that video that @seachnasaigh posted to get ideas from. There is some really cool SPFX going on that you could emulate, like the infrared scanning and all of that.


I added the middle engines and am starting cutting in some panel gaps. Some quick & rough renders in Keyshot so I can decide if everything fits right. Keyshot is so easy to use for these product type of renders. It's not great for people skin and hair at the moment, but for products it is brilliant and renders in seconds.





What's the poly count on that model? It looks pretty detailed already!

22K on the low poly (the one in the first pictures I posted, it was 18K before I added the extra engines). The Keyshot rendered one is partly subdivided on the main body. I expect the finished textured low poly model should be around 35K.


I forgot to say I watched the movie at the weekend. The Mech stuff was brilliant and the view from the sky port was amazing, it looked very like real clouds to me. I think the drones were the real stars, they had actual character and were kind of likeable even though they were baddies. I'm no longer surprised that everyone is making drone artwork and toys.
I'll work some more on mine after my homework and dinner.