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Upcoming Operation


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I must be subconsciously worried about my upcoming operation in approx 3 weeks, as I just had to get this image out quick. (hence using 3DL instead of Iray.)
I'll be in a huge amount of pain after the op so I hope they find something other than Endone for it (the last couple of times I've been in hospital and they gave me Endone, I've seen a dark figure bending over me.)

Its for a hernia repair but its too much for a normal keyhole surgery. After I'm stitched up my scars will look like a giant anchor (cut from breast to pubic bone and then from hip to hip).

Good news is my results came back from the Ultra Sound on my heart and blood tests were all good. Surgeon is just worried what is causing my leg swelling so I still have US on them to go (approx 2 weeks) as I've had blood clots in the past.

Estimated recover will be 6 months so you may not see any art from me for awhile but I'll try and keep in touch anyway (most likely when I'm out of hospital, I'll be in there for at least a week, but could be longer).


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Oh, goodness - that's a heck of a cutting zone and a long recovery time ! Will be thinking about you for sure - keep us posted on how you're doing, ok?



Rae, you HAVE to picture yourself already healed. Conquer your fears and laugh in the face of of that shadow. Positive thinking is key. Try to to that and you will see EVERYTHING will we OK.
This kind of attitude worked for me every time. So I am speaking from experience. Please receive my best thoughts and hang in there like a fighter!
oh my good hun tht will be one hell of a scar but u have people on here tht will be thinking of u while u go through yr proceedure and yr recovery and will be sending u all there prayers to help u along yr way u have my prayers and thought also to help u to and hope yr recover is a smooth one hun huge hugs xx

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We're sending positive thoughts your way. I'd tell you not to think about dark figures hovering over you, but that never works. So instead I'll tell you whatever you do, don't think of a bright pink Harry hovering over you. Remember, whatever you do, don't think of bright pink horses. :grouphug:


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Much much love and GOOD thoughts coming your way!!! and big hugs too!! Just try and "live in this community" in your mind....you have so many friends here who care.... as I found and FELT during my ordeal with having all my teeth removed... it's GOOD you spoke up about your fears - better out than in, names them, keeps them at bay... TALK to your doctor (GP and surgeon, even a caring nurse that works with them too!) about your problems with that pain killer... ask for something you know will work. (more good thoughts around that too)...


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Keep positive thoughts Rae, while that dark figure could be something "bad" it could also be the figure of a past loved one, maybe one you've never really known, watching over you.

Always positive thoughts, and remember we're all here for you even if we can't be there for you. Besides the hospital would need a much larger waiting room if we could be there for you. ;)


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Thanks guys. :inlove:

Its as though I really needed to get this out of my head, normally takes heaps of time setting something up and this this took no time at all. And I didn't even know this was what it was going to be, it just happened.

This time round I've been much better, earlier in the year when it was supposed to happen I was having panic attacks (and that was a slightly smaller op with 3 months recoup time), even though this is larger I'm feeling better about the outcome. This surgeon seems to care where the other one didn't at all.
I actually think this time its the "no income" that's got me worried the most (and because its so long off work, I don't know if I'll have a job to go back to).

I'll be loosing my belly button, but hey, its done its job hasn't it? And I'm thinking of this like its a tummy tuck, people pay alot of money for that don't they? See bright sides everywhere :D

(no pink ponies in sight though, I want pink ponies GG!)


Art is always the finest way to invoke feelings and passion within yourself. It's also a wonderful way of pushing out those fears and shadows which hide within us all. You've done that so all you have to do now is be you and relax as you head towards that new, bright day just down the road. I guess it goes without saying the rest of us will be with you every step of the way. Big Hugs! :grouphug:

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Dealing with serious health issues myself, and having been hospitalized and had surgeries, I can certainly understand your apprehensions. I am not good at offering cheerful encouragement, being the living incarnation of Eyore and all, but I will say I hope it goes smoothly and recovery is quick. Have a loved one bring you a good thick book... Though I was only held overnight on my surgery because I insisted on discharge into family care, I could not sleep and was quite bored (they would not allow me to watch TV as it would wake my room mate).

As to the Endone - if you have had it several times, and always experience unwanted and frightening visions (which I know Doctors may or may not brush aside or make other judgements about), try saying you think you might have an allergy and force the issue of them using an alternative. It is what I had to do with one of the synthetic pain relievers they kept giving me (Dilaudid I think, would know it to hear it, but always was unpleasant). What I experienced they did not consider an allergy the many times I described...kept prescribing it...finally I had enough and just started saying I was allergic without elaborating on specifics.


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Yep FL that's why I said to get if fixed asap if you can :) Endone is a brand name of Oxycodone. I've had it 3 times over the years (after surgery) the first time I was on the couch and I new I was on the couch watching TV but it was also at the same time like I was in a cafe with shadow people walking around. The other 2 times was the dark figure leaning over me. I told the Anaesthetist and he said he'd find something that worked :)
(painkillers don't normally work on me so I don't bother taking them, the pain has to be pretty bad for me to give them a go and I think this time will be one of those times I'll really need it.)

So, no one is sending me Pink Harry's? :p